Midsummer – some astro-graphics and Solstice thoughts!

Here are some astrology-based graphics to mark Midsummer solstice today!  (21st June 2013).

Summer solstice 2013 data -Mani Navasothy
Summer solstice 2013 data -Mani Navasothy


Everyone seems to celebrate the Sun rise  (which is at 3.43 am GMT in London)..   I suppose it marks the beginning of the longest day…But for me more important is the fact that Sun enters the sign of Cancer at 5.04am gmt….which marks the moment of Summer Solstice!

Also everyone seem to think about woods, stonehenges and great bonfires….but tend to forget…this is the day that the Sun enters Cancer…and Cancer is a water sign..and more significantly…the `home grounds’ of the Moon! So it’s a day when Sun enters the house of the Moon! In my view, it’s a day to be by the Sea… and think deeply (!) about how the masculine firey energy of the Sun is interacting with the feminine energy!

Happy Summer Solstice

-Mani Navasothy

ps. I will be creating more of these astro-graphics …just for fun 🙂  (never really thought about it all these years..till now!  Must be the whole Sun entering my moon-sign triggering it.. 😉

Summer solstice 2013 London bst data - by Mani Navasothy





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