Video: An Invitation to Woodland Wicca Rituals

Woodland Wicca Circles - thumbnail pic - Copy (800x617)

Mani Navasothy – Wiccan High Priest – invites interested pagans and Wiccan, Witches and Seekers of The Craft to monthly woodland wicca circles (rituals ) in London. These take place on the 2nd Sunday of the month (usually near a Full moon) and use the formal Wicca ritual format of consecrations, Circle Casting, calling quarters and invocations of deity. There is usually a meet-up in a public place where new guests are collected from..and we then go to the selected spot in the woods for the actual ceremony. Afterwards, we return to a warm, sociable venue such as a cafe or pub, and continue socialising. Mani Navasothy (lead facilitator) is happy to offer some mentoring, wicca training, and to those serious, an apprentice-style support via e-mail. Those who can not make these but like to explore Wicca & Witchcraft can visit the website and undertake the e-Witch apprentice Course (in 9-13 modules).

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