My take on Eating Disorders (Eating Disorder Awareness Week – 23rd Feb ~ 1st March 2014)

Eating Disorders!!  What do you know about them?   Are you a secret sufferer?  Do you know anyone who is?  What if someone you know is suffering but you don’t know? might seem a bit odd me promoting this stuff..  How exactly is it pagan, magical or esoteric?  Well, food is something that `affects’ everyone..   including esoteric people..   For ages (years) in our esoteric ritual gatherings, I try to encourage people to bring home cooked food, or even seasonal food..  Many say what you put in your body is what affects your heath – spiritually, energetically..

I know people who only just eat fruit!!   (you can see their article in Gaian Times!)..  I know people who have had to surgically have parts of their intestine removed..  and have to `eject’ their waste via a small tube..!’s all relevant.. !

Some years ago, I was helping to type up the notes of a book my sister (Specialist in this field) was writing.. and as a result I had read hundreds of pages of info on it (well, the draft book)..I even illustrated all the graphics and art work for it..  !

So when I see malnourished people, I quietly but unobtrusively do a double take..and wonder..

I myself have some pretty bad eating habits..   I don’t eat my meals on time..  I eat very late at night..   have way too much coffee..I eat junk food..   and suffer from time to time with IBS  (That’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Constipations, Indigestions, heartburns..   bloated stomachs…and now with increasing food allergies – I can’t even eat some of the fruits I used to enjoy..  like peaches, pears, and few others..

These are all mild..  compared to the serious problems other Sufferers face.

We are talking about anorexia, Bulimia, obesity, food phobias and more!

With all that in mind..  I like to promote this invaluable help.  Here are the details.

Best wishes

– Mani Navasothy

In aid of the Eating Disorder Awareness Week 23rd February – 1st March 2014, two free Webinars , Twitter Chat, LIVE Google Hangouts & free 1-2-1 /family Consultations are being offered.

g Dosrder Awareness week 2014- Vathani Navasothy qualified professional offers help

Open to friends, family and sufferers of eating disorders .

For more details  visit

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