Dialogues on Mercury retrograde! (7th-28th Feb’14)

mercury retrograde feb 2014
mercury retrograde feb 2014

It’s that time again..  when Mercury undergoes (the optical illusion of) retrograde motion in the heavens!!

This one sneaked up on me.. Having put these entries on my calendar in various websites I run, I forgot..- until the start day itself.. when I was having an unusually `wrangle’ kind of a day out of no where..  arguments, miscommunications.. and some issues.. And then a light bulb went on in my head..and I remembered..in the early hours of the night .. and sent a text-update to my facebook wall.. to alert friends 🙂   (well, that technology worked..even though the mind-tech of remembering didn’t..)

Rather than give the usual `forecasts’ (you can look up the typical symptoms at a previous forecast here..) am going to do something a bit different this time..  Am going to copy/paste some of the funny interactions I had with my friends on this topic.. (names removed of course..  but my fb wall is public..  they all know that…)

The actual `forecast’ is in my conversation.. (look for the purple lines 🙂

Me>  Mercury now retrogrades til 28th feb. Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini & Virgo watch out!

friend#1 >Good news just what I want to hear thanks

friend#2 > Aaaarghhh could av warned me earlier ,,,Mani ,,! Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrr ,,,!! X 

friend#3 > Boo-hoo! 

friend#4>  Oh no!

friend#2 >Oh yes Barry ,,, lol ,

me>  sorry ye friends.. I was getting into all sorts of scrapes.. disgruntlements..and such.. and then it hit me…and I remembered a mercury retro-was lurking about this time…and yes..it started thursday (yesterday evening!) I am gemini rising.. so it hits me too..

friend#5> This explains so much!

me>  yeap (friend) … first few days are tricky ..then it sees to go okay (the phase where we can change things ..take alternative roads.. and towards the end it gets tricky again.. )

friend #6> ok will do .. thanks xxxx

friend #7> Not very happy about that as I am traveling on 23 Feb and this is something what should b e avoided at any cost. If I would have known when booking, I would have done a week later for sure. Hope I have a save journey and my snakes are save while I am not here.

Me>   alternative roads..as in roads and opportunities we missed the previous time.. 

friend #7>But I also was reading on different astrological pages that travel should be avoided at any cost? But I am glad I am leo 

Me>   Nah..we can’t avoid travel.. Mercury retro is seen as affecting `local’ or short travels.. glitches on computers.. miscommunications.. arguments.. missing small prints on contracts & agreements.. trickery.. that sort.. Also governs relationships with siblings.. (as proved by the outburst I had with my sister last night out of the blue.. That’s what got me wondering `something is up’.. 

friend #7> Huhhhh, thank you Mani, I was really worried.

friend#4> Great I gotta go to Cambodia on a visa run

friend#4> Mani you got room in that Tardis mate take me back to 1983 please

friend#8> Ahh that explains a lot..My adobe reader is truly messing me up.. well I have a Virgo raising.. to an otherwise Happy Go Lucky Saggy disposition. .. Now I Understand the computer tension..just as well I decided to quit and watch Dracula 2000 film despite it being a totally useless film .lol.. Barry.. wow Cambodia you say? Take me with you please friend Croydon sucks @ the mo ..*chuckles* X

me> Yeap (friend).. Cambodia way more exciting than croydon.. Take me too with you…

friend#9>aaaahhhhh I hate it outspoken as I am. always puts me into trouble

friend#10 >  I do love a challenge

In my next astrology related blog, I’ll be writing about the coming full moon in the sign of Leo..  It’s on the Valentine’s day..and that’s going tomake Valentine day ..very interesting.. 😉

Make sure you subscribe to my blog..or check back for that in a few days..

-Mani Navasothy


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