Mercury Retrogrades NOW – in Scorpio! Time to shed that skin!!

mercury retrograde oct2013
mercury retrograde oct2013

Well, good people.. it’s that time..when flight-footed Mercury begins to retrograde…!

It’s in the sign of Scorpio, and goes retrograde for the next 3 weeks..  (21st October to 11th November 2013)..  a time when many things seem to become problematic..  in relating to people, stress builds up, the mind is over active or full of worry..   matters go astray..  transport problems disrupt routine (we’ve already seen that today in Tubes in London)..

As this one is in the sign of Scorpio, you can expect many Scorpio related issues to surface..   matters of power and control..or rather manipulative matters. The sheer intensity you may have felt in the past few days is due to the beginning of this astrological process coinciding with a full moon/ eclipse also!

This particular Mercury retrograde period is also holding the upcoming Uranus-square-Pluto..   which in itself is causing huge upheavals.. and changes..not all of them pleasant. It’s as if the snake is about to shed its skin..  First it needs to go hide in a safe place..then it goes blind..and the  comes the painful process of peeling itself off the old skin.

Except, none of us are getting the much needed refuge in a safe place.  No. This time, the snake must do it out in the open..  and while someone is pulling the snake backwards by its tail..  !   The sooner it sheds, the quicker it can escape the dragging..  because all that’ll be left in the hands of the dragging hand is old skin..

Try not to get left out in vulnerable situations..  try not to get engaged in conflicts that can result it personal secrets being spilled or dragged out.  Watch out for legal matters coming to bite you..    but also previously lost roads being found (then taking that road or not is a choice you must make..).   Matters concerning death is a possibility.. so are wrangles with siblings  or cousins (Mercury represents siblings also). Sexual activities, obsessions are also a problem..  !

As for secrets.. sometimes, revealing them may actually be rather cathartic and a release ..Freedom? !


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