What are transits- squares, oppositions & Trines (in astrology)?

Aspects explained (c) Mani Navasothy 2014
Aspects explained (c) http://www.ManiNavasothy.com  2014

I often mention these astrology terms..  and always give an explanation of what it’s going to do..how those squares, trines etc are going to influence s people..

But it occurs to me, some people may be puzzled, put off by me using such terms..   So here’s a quick one to de-mystify you. It all makes sense if you think of the Earth as being at the centre and all planets around it..  And the aspects are just what angular relationship forms between those planets.. (they are moving all the time..so will form different angles).

It’s just angles..  (and don’t freak out. if you hated maths in school!)

Just look at the colour coded graphics..   It shows it as if we are `above’ Earth, and can see other planets.. 🙂

Best wishes


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