How to Do Eclipse Magic : Beginners Guide (Free download offer- limited time)

There’s a Lunar Eclipse ..taking place today on 15th April’14..and it seems like the perfect moment to announce the publishing of  the eBook `How to do Eclipse Magic: Beginners Guide’. 🙂

FREE DOWNLOAD - How to do Eclipse Magic- Beginners Guide (c) Mani Navasothy 2014The previously published book `Eclipse Magic Workbook’ is rather extensive (okay ..very extensive)..and possibly makes many people who are only partially into magic or astrology a little apprehensive..   So I edited together this Beginners Guide on the same subject..

Not only that, I’ve recorded a brand new Video tutorial (few days ago)… lasting about 13 minutes…where I explain the natures of Eclipse Magic, how they accelerate events, and can be used to course-correct life processes.   Not only that that video I explain how you can use the Lunar orbital energies for doing a grand `cosmic cleansing’ of your self, how you can use the Solar & Lunar energies at Lunar Eclipses…to balance your own energies and line them up..  and (as if all that;s not enough)..  I explain the concepts of how Eclipses can be used to send healing energies…to your past!!

All that’s in a 13 minute video..  and

You get a free DOWNLOAD of the Beginners Guide too..  (Oh did I forget to mention?) 🙂

What do you have to do?   Simple..

Just visit my Eclipse Magic website..and grab it all..

(there’s a little thing you have to do first.. join my mailing list!!  Then..  you’ll get a warm up video.. and a day later..   you get this main video and the FREE download – followed by some Eclipse Magic webinar replays!!)

Don’t miss the chance to Stellar Engineer Your Life..

Use the Powers of Lunar & Solar Eclipses..!

Bright Stellar Wishes

-Mani Navasothy


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