Sun-square-Neptune ends, Venus into Taurus & Mercury into Cancer

As I write this (1am British Summer Time) on 29th May’14, the challenging Sun-Square-Neptune has culminated.  I wanted to warn people of this aspect brewing..but kept delaying and quite simply was feeling a lack of motivation and lethargy (if that is the right word, and it’s not). Or perhaps procrastinating is a better word. No, feeling confused and a bit lost is even a better description.

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astrology-forecasts by Mani Navasothy

Why am I rambling about my own predicaments?  Well, those are the very things you may also have been feeling for the past few days – due to this very challenging aspect.  It’s not one that causes a lot of stress by conflicting stimuli.  No..this one is more about confusion, inner chaos, juggling a variety of avenues and options and loosing the energy to do anything along the way.

When Neptune aspects are involved these are likely to be the case..and when the Sun is the other astrological influence, well, that’s about the Self  and personal energies, identity, health and so on.

Thankfully, it’s finished.. and I write this, after a bit of time in the garden, doing some quiet breathing of the cold, still midnight air, while standing barefoot on damp grass and earth!


Were you not reading the above?  It’s about confusion and lack of energy.

And what better way than to re-attune with the stellar energies, ground and recharge the self, and gain an inner sense of calm and balance 🙂

There, not only are you getting an astrology blog, but also an esoteric one with magical/ meditative suggestions..    and I;ve done that by talking about me, as an example.

And now the good news..   In  a few hours, Venus is arriving at Taurus – and for those not clear, let me say Venus is coming into one of the signs that she rules..  And we all know some qualities of Venus, don’t we..?  Yes, affection, love, bit of wealth, social niceties..  And we also know a bit about Taurus don’t we..   ? Yes, affection, luxury, bit of stubbornness,  sensuality..   So all in all, that’s going to be good for..  affectionate things, loving encounters, bit of wealth making or reveling in luxury.   🙂

(Not quite the style of astrology forecast you had come to expect from me, is it?) 🙂 That;s because things must change, and I am making an effort.

Remember that Sun-square-Neptune?  That represents personal chaos and confusion.  And if you are to come out of that with wisdom, you have to make changes – do things different, reduce your multitude of options by either actioning some, or letting go of some options and avenues..

There is one further god news..  Mercury is arriving in Cancer soon.. (hours).  Sign change for Mercury means a bit if mind-change for us all..   And this one focuses our minds on sensitive issues, homely ones or ones that nurture young people.

One slightly bad news..(sorry)..  In a few days, Mercury will begin retrograding..

So watch the patterns and problems that may brew in the next 5 days..and then remain calm for a further 3 weeks..  and then, take wise action on those issues that surface..

I’ll do another specific blog just on the Mercury retrograde coming up.

There is another good news..The month ends with  a fortunate trine between the Sun and Mars.  Geminis’ Leos, Aries and Librans stand to become energised by this directly..  Rest of you will be presented with good opportunities..   Use your head, think not with your heart but follow the Gut instincts ..and to quote one superhero, `Flame on!”

-Mani Navasothy

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