Coven talk- at Wimbledon Wicca Moot


Monday is Moon’s day.  what better evening that a monday ..and one that is 13th day…for this special event!   🙂

Our Monthly Wicca Moot in Wimbledon is back! (just a 1-month gap).
But this one is slightly different  – I will be  doing a short talk (15 -20 mins) on  Training Covens, requirements to be part of one..  and more importantly..  what it takes to stay in such a Training Coven and work all the way up to (possible) Wiccan First degree initiation.. !  You are welcome to sit and listen in, and ask questions afterwards..openly..or in private… and take it further.

We’ll gather, have a few drinks / snacks…socialise informally..  and chat about Wicca, Witchcraft, magic, paganism… and stuff.

*** As before, I’ll  have reserved 10 seats..  on the table at the front.   Just get there ..find the space.. find us.. and join in.   (the raised platform area… as you enter the pub, via Gladstone Road entrance, it will be on your left hand side..   **

If you are not interested in covens/ wicca etc.. that’s fine…you can come join us ,,  socialise,  get to know one another, chat about magical  things.. have some fun & frolics!


Get to Wimbledon Train/Tube/Tram station. Come out of station turn left and Walk along the main road (The Broadway). Walk for 3-5 mins. Gladstone Road will come up on your right hand side. Cross main road, walk along Gladstone Road..Pub is there on the left!   (the pub also has another entrance on another road..but this is the easiest.  You can’t miss it).

here’s the map with arrows I made 🙂

Future dates (tbc)

  •  Monday 4th July’16
  • Monday 1st August’16
  • Monday 12th Sept’16

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

Link to updates on my meetup  London Woodland Witches & Outdoor Pagans). 




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