Jupiter-square-Uranus (17Jan2021)

Jupiter-square-Uranus is now imminent! Next 24-48 hrs may be tough..It affects everyone.. but more so for Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Taurus (where Uranus is currently).

Uranus is about to go direct but for few more days it’s retrograding in Taurus. Jupiter is in Aquarius (just arrived few weeks ago) ..the sign ruled by Uranus. So plotted on a chart, this would look like the 2 planets are heading towards each other!

Till then the stress will be building!!

It may rattle you ..taunt you.. irritate you.. cajole you into unproductive action. Use the sharp energy to break stagnations, and to clear pathways for widening your spheres.

Don’t be too impulsive or rebel for the sake of rebellion. Focus on the higher positive qualities of those 2 planets.. wisdom, justice, innovation, freedom.. !

Rest easy in the knowledge that this aspect happens only once this year.. (sunday 17th Jan’21). This is one of the 4 main major stressful aspects of 2021.

The Saturn-square-Uranus that is coming up next month will repeat in total 3 times..

So… let’s carefully tackle each…one at a time.


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