Visit to Richmond Park – Walk, Picnic & Stag-Lord magic!

We are gathering at Richmond park/ woods.. This is a non-intrusive pagan exploratory event with several stop overs and a general picnic.. , spotting deer & other woodland features. social event such as this gives us a breather in between our busy fortnightly moon ceremonies or the big open seasonal rituals. we can relax, chat, discuss magical things, or just chat about hobbies, interests – After all, pagans are humans too with many interests. It also gives participants opportunities to make / grow friendships with fellow pagan/ witch . magical people …in an informal setting. There will be several short breaks to rest. So you may wish to bring a small cushion to sit on, as well as some snacks/ drinks /wine etc for your self.

I will have a few ritual items in my bag – so if the mood and moment takes us, we may do an impromptu Horned-God magical working!! So if you have wands, small horns, antlers, horned god pendants etc, feel free to bring them for charging up with Stag-Lord energy!

Date: Sunday 4th July 2021
Time: 2pm to 5pm.

Meeting point:
We will meet at `Richmond Gate’ (just inside the park.. by the green grass area.

Get to Richmond train/tube station. From outside station, take bus 371 heading towards Richmond Hill. Get off at the stop `American University’..and walk few minutes ahead and turn left into `Richmond gate’ !

Stag /Deer safety:
We may observe them from a distance. Do not go anywhere within 50m of deer.

What to wear——-
Please wear sensible cloths/ coats/ rain proof/ boots etc!! It may start out sunny and hot but it gets cold quickly.. There’ll be midges and insects.. so cover up ankles with socks.. wear trainers or boots…(No slippers). You feel hardy.. but when you start shivering or feel uncomfortable inside still shows and makes rest of the people feel uneasy. This is not a survival walk with Bear Grylls.. It’s an enjoyable comfortable magical social walk with pagans!! 🙂

Bright Blessings .

Link to meetup event:

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