Wishing a Villain dead- War against Evil? (discussion welcome)

Wishing a Villain dead!?

As someone who dabbles with magic of all sorts, and can create high magical sigils for Love & Light' orPeace’, it’s not beyond me to do magic to rid of people!

Everyone knows my position on Villains and Abusers. I do magic to end them. yes ..there’s millions of villains out there.. thousands of them in power-positions, and hundreds of them rulers of countries. I’ll get to them all one by one as they reach my awareness.

It is said When a good man does nothing, evil wins. We all know this, and yet ..so many magical people are hand-tied, or tongue-tied.. debilitated by considerations of `laws of return, karma, and perhaps the worst-of-all.. personal guilt & shame?

No one is a pure saint. We have all done good and bad things in the vastness of our lives. I’ve noticed many people worry about doing aggressive magic to sort problems – because they fear the `return’ coming to bite them in their own lives . Let me say that I too worry about such things. But in times of crisis, the compulsion to want to protect others over-rides any such personal preservation worries.

It is said that courage is not about having no fear, but going ahead and doing something despite having fears!

It is so with magic for me –
Doing magic to solve world issues is not about having a saintly life first .. but having complex lives and still willing to brave consequences, and doing something to help the world.
That is what a Warrior-Magician or a warrior-witch or wizard is all about.

So if you are feeling crippled by those self-doubts and fears, that you think you are not ready, or not worthy, or not brave enough – please think again. Every moment you hesitate, lives are lost out there.. What can possibly be more important than saving lives? Spiritual development? Enlightenment? Entertainment? Joke of the day? The next fuck? The next glass of wine? wrath of the gods?

The gods are never going to judge you harshly, if you did something to save lives. If gods do , then they are not the gods & goddesses for you. If you can not rise to this warrior-call to put down villains, then throw away your warrior-gods & Goddesses, throw away your heathen-hammers, Durga Tridents, Odin spears and Wonder-woman whips and stupid silly quips you post on social media while lives are being bombed to death!

Yes you put a flag on your profile. wonderful.
That really saved hundred lives!! Or just even one?
Those souls injured and running for their lives.. do they care that you put a flag on your profile… or that you lit a building with blue and yellow light?

Did it save lives?
Did it really make a few war mongering mad-men stop with guilt and shame and fear ?
Well done,,,if it did.

If not.. why not pick a candle, put your magic in it.. and light the damn thing, and wish for a villain to be dead?!

If Krishna was here, he’d tell me to aim my arrow and kill those villains, for that is my duty!


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