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Shot in the chest or a stab in the back? (Leadership pains)

Shot in the chest or a stab in the back? Power-position of a Magical Initiator (or a Rebel Leader)

wolfman-by-ManiNavasothy-smHave you ever put people through trials and tests, and found you got shot in the chest by them? Those are the best results of the `test’ . ¬†Getting stabbed in the back..? That’s a failed test!

Am sure not all will agree with such methods, but being in the public eye and in leadership, initiating and instigating many rebellious social or community ventures, I’ve gone down the routes of pushing and prodding people who are supposedly learning from me or following me into fire and battles.

Remember that a real Fire-alarm test happens when people don’t expect it…and not when everyone knows it’s at 10am on the first Tuesday of the month or something. Likewise, when people come to work with me magically, I usually afford them a honeymoon period of some months. I ask the question..over and over again.. here and there..formally and informally.. and the answer defines the unannounced `real life’ scenario..that an initiatory process threshold is about to be reached.. and to step over it is going to require work and trials and tests..and quests.

Yes in Magical traditions.. there are formal ceremonies and initiations. In my experience.. those are the end-markers of a process… the handing out of a Degree Certificate at a formal award ceremony in a hired Hall. Long before that.. the quests and tests begin..

Beginners Guide to running covens -by mani Navasothy2012-publicity1No formal contrived ceremonies or warnings. Just making use of real life events and opportunities that rise. Some call it manipulation. I call it real life training and initiation by fire… where the stakes are high and wins/ losses are felt for real.. and there are no safety nets, no backups and no resets.

This and more are coming up in detail.. `Beginners Guide to Running Wiccan Covens’ . It’s been a work in progress ..ever since I wrote the other book, `Coven Guide: How to become an Initiated Witch’ back in 2012.

-Mani Navasothy



Sinking into Cyberspace..!!

You all know I have a Physics degree/ tech background and into all the multi-media stuff. Am also very much about nature & spirituality..and striving for tech-free time/ balance in life.

Everything is becoming hyper-real and accelerated these days.. What’s the hurry..? where do we have to get to so fast? Mars? Uranus? Death? Reincarnation? Oblivion?!

We are tumbling through our lives, transplanting & embedding our minds and emotions more and more into Cyber realms.. living our lives there too..and forgetting the shadows taking shape in the Collective.. Am not talking hypothetical. Am talking thought-forms, spirits, wraith and cyber-psychic entities (there I just invented a word).

Yes people are supposed to be connected..but NOT to 100’s or 1000’s.. however superficial that might be. At those levels, individuality blurs and gets lost. If that’s what you want..fine. :-/

There’s another danger too!! When any more than 1-2 people gather in a group, a group shadow forms within that small collective subconscious.. and it gets projected out onto its members and outsiders.. One becomes the hero another the black sheep.. Have we forgotten `Lord of the Flies’ that we all read in primary school English?! Imagine the fears, phobias, whims, wants, power-struggles, egos and other secret obsessions within each of our minds..spilling into social media..along side our posts and pictures and status updates…sliding past any obvious `filters’ and privacy settings. It’s all the darkness of cyber-realms that we can’t see.. And it’s reaching out tendrils to feed.. !

Those of you energy-sensitive must have realised the shifts and tremors by now surely?!!

It is really time to slow it down.. and not fall for multimillion dollar companies’ strategies, marketing and the euphoria of quick adrenalin fixes (event junkies!). Yes I know, the fear is of not getting left behind. The curiosity is in wanting to know everything. But instead of food & drinks ..we are now consumers of pixels and info bytes. It’s feeding mass amounts of useless junk into our minds on a daily basis.. Yes humans have some 80-90% brain space unused. But it;s not a hard drive to be filled with junk.. is it? There are mysteries of the mind that we can be working to unlock.. That all requires silence and stillness ..not more electronic pixellated noise!

So.. take stock now.. as I am.. !! It’s not a static process.. We’re going to have to regularly take stock and balance our cyberlives with physical lives.


ps. I totally welcome real personal relationships and connections. ūüôā Happy to have hours of sit-downs, informal lounging and tons of teas, coffees and wines.

Woodland Beltane Gathering & Maypole Dancing 2017


Join us ¬†to celebrate BELTANE 2017.. ¬†with ceremony & Maypole Dance. ¬†We’ll drum, dance and choose a May King & May Queen. ¬†And feast and frolic! ¬†(sensibly!)

You will not want to miss this.. ¬†! ¬†(just look at a few photos (below) of what we did. That’s when our ritual `team’ organically came together. ¬†So this year it’s bound to be more festive, more frolics.. and more magic!!

Mayday falls on a Monday and no doubt mny will have coven & other events to attend that whole weekend (Fire festival in Edinburgh, ¬†Hastings Green Man festival etc). ¬†So we have staggered our own woodland festivities to the following weekend.. ¬†It extends the Beltane festivities..and gives all something to look forward to (without clashes) and have a final big event.. !! ¬† ūüôā

‚Äʬ†***** Fee: ¬£3 per person **

About Beltane: 

`The veil between the world of men and fairy (or spirit) is said to thin twice a year, at Beltane and at Samhain, which are on opposite points of the year wheel. At Beltane ¬†(May eve) the land is at it‚Äôs most lush and green, and fertile. If Spring Equinox is the time of fertility and mating in the animal kingdom, then Beltane is one of courting couples making commitment to one another- and Handfastings! In the God-Goddess myths, this is when the playful God is said to commit to the Goddess ‚Äď which is symbolised by the Sacred Marriage! The Maypole dance that is traditional at this time symbolises the fertile powers of the masculine, penetrating the land, and the ribbons danced and woven around it lock that power! A ring of flower at the tip of the Maypole signifies the feminine. Magical working with the Fay (Fairies) is an important feature at this time, in contrast to the magical work with the departed spirits at Samhain, the opposite point’ (taken from )


Out ritual *Team will conduct key aspects of the ceremony, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get  involved in the actual ritual   Рie with elements calling, chants, magical work and so on.

****Fee:  £3 per person***

RITUAL items to bring:

– Ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks / ground sheets / blankets
РStaff / wands / antlers / tribal masks / flower crowns (No athame!! ..  No swords!)
– Drums & musical instruments
– Lanterns / candles / lighter ¬†(all candles in lanterns only please, unless it’s large pillar-candles. ¬†Strictly No tea-lights on ground or trees!!)
– Crystals / runes / divination tools
– Poetry / invocations (learnt or to read)

Handfasting / confirming Pagan marriage vows:

In the past, couples have asked organiser about this. ¬† Handfasting is a big event in itself, and we do not wish it to be reduced by being included in a public ceremony as a `side-event’. ¬†It also detracts from the focus of everyone else. ¬† However, after Blessings of Cakes & Wine (and while still within our magical circle/ ¬†sacred space), we may consider couples who are already bonded, to declare their vows / re-affirm their vows by our altar.

**(please message Mani- Wiccan High Priest-  in private in advance to arrange this Рor simply to arrange your own separate day for handfasting!)**

Adult themes : 

As this is a fertility festival, there is bound to be  jokes, flirtatious behaviour, adult humour throughout the event..

No Children:

We ask no children / babies in prams etc to be brought.

Behaviour / alcohol/ drugs policy

This is in a public woodland/ park. ¬† ¬†We wish to make sure ¬†the good reputation/ credibility of our group/ members/ organisers are maintained. ¬† So please BE on good behaviour. ¬† ¬†No drugs/ ¬†substances allowed. ¬†Anyone found disrupting will be asked to leave.. ¬†and in extreme cases, organisers may call the Police for the safety & well-being of everyone else present. ¬†Don’t ruin it for all.. Be good! ¬†ūüôā

Photos/ privacy:

Please do not take photos during set-up, run-through or ritual.. ¬† Other times, it’s fine. ¬†It’s in a public place so we can not stop the public walking through or taking pics. ¬† If worries about your privacy / identity, ¬†please wear a ritual mask to safeguard your identity in photos that others may take of the group.

Meeting place (Woodman’s Pub):

Gather in the Woodman’s Pub from 1.00pm.. ¬†Get to `High Gate’ Tube station.. ¬†come up to manin road. Turn right. ¬†Pub is just 30 seconds away.

Map (High Gate tube/ pub & Queen’s Wood)

After Ceremony & some socials in the woods, we will head back to the pub (woodmans) for warmth and more drinks/ socials.  It all depends on how long we all hang out in the woods with lanterns / candles..

-Mani Navasothy

Wiccan High Priest & Founder of  London Woodland Witches and Outdoor Pagans.

Our meetup event for this:

Woodland Beltane Gathering & Maypole Dancing 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017, 2:00 PM

Queen’s Woods
Near Highgate Station London, GB

59 Woodland Witches & Pagans Went

Join us ¬†to celebrate BELTANE 2017.. ¬†with ceremony & Maypole Dance. ¬†We’ll drum, dance and choose a May King & May Queen. ¬†And feast and frolic! ¬†(sensibly!)You will not want to miss this.. ¬†! ¬†(just look at a few photos (below) of what we did. That’s when our ritual `team’ organically came together. ¬†So this year it’s bound to be more festive, m…

Check out this Meetup →


The Facebook Friendship Test (Don’t do it!)


This sort of thing does the gypsies selling their aluminium wrapped paper flower and asking for money, or chain letters that say God & Angels saved them but will curse if you don’t spread it to 29 people…etc..

We HATE these friendship tests about `who’s reading my status’ and `copy this, leave 1 words etc.

facebook friendship test (c) Mani Navasothy 2015
facebook friendship test (c) Mani Navasothy 2015

NEWS FLASH.. facebook decides whom it shows your status updates to.. So fact is, ¬†probably less than 30% of your `friends’ see your status updates ..(the rest of your friends don’t even know you are testing them!!).

And of you were thinking that ..well…your friends should mark your account for ¬† `give me notifications’ – think again. ¬†We’ll be needing 36 hrs a day to catch up on all of our friends’ status updates.. ¬†and liking, sharing or responding to them all.. .and we will never go to work, never sleep, never have sex, never do gardening..never vote and so on..

So here’s the deal…Wise up people…STOP posting those silly tests….!

Post an actual silly joke ..or a video of a kitten licking a fur blanket…or a gif of a grass hopper jumping into a cup of Soup (sorry, don’t know where that came from…probably from the lawn).. those might actually get a response from your other friends.. !!

And if you – like me – are one who gets annoyed and feels torn and partially inclined to respond but don’t like to….well, here’s your salvation trick – ¬† You know how the USA & UK governments have a policy of non-compliance to any terrorist demands.. ¬†? ¬† Well, adopt same policy for self.. ¬† Don’t oblige any Emotional Blackmailers!

And if you are a friend who – for whatever difficult life reasons – wants to test your friends… ¬† here’s a bit of advise..

Friends don’t test friendships!! ¬† ¬†If ¬†you do plan to, it is more likely that …your friends will unfriend you…if they are anything like me, who has that `non-negotiating with Blackmailers’ policy!!

-Mani Navasothy

On Love, Loss & Life (Or `how Life imitates Art that we create!’)

“Have you loved, loved someone or something so dearly ..and lost?..” So begins the monologue – something I wrote ..about 11 months ago…at a time when I was nursing my own broken heart.

The lines were for The Doctor Рnow in a female form, in a minisode that I wrote, directed, filmed and produced. It stars my friend Sandra Tena (published Writer, originally from Mexico) as the  world famous wanderer in Time and Space. I think, at the time, Sandra too was hiding an aching heart..    It was a case of two people with similar pains coming together to create art!  (Sandra and I are just friends, and remain so..  in case you were wondering..)

DrWho Love Loss & Life
Scene from DrWho Minisode `Love, Loss & Life’


The minisode was filmed by the Docklands area in London, way back in January of this year (2014)…but we only aired it on 23rd August (same day as when Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor Who episode aired on BBC TV). ¬† Technically, that’s the launch date of `our’ own Fan video series…but full episodes are coming in January 2015 (we just finished filming all 7 stories).

So back to Love then.

I thought about the kind of pain that The Doctor might be feeling..about always loving people..and then loosing them to the passing of time…watching them age and die, or get killed.. ¬†or just them giving it up and leaving the life inside the TARDIS. ¬† ¬†Yes, we’ve seen many glimpses of this sadness that the Doctor contains…and he does contain it.. ¬†(how could he not…he’s lived over 2,000 years old.. ¬† ¬†If he did let it sink too much..his heart will break.. ¬†both of them.. ¬† Well, I put that line in there too.. ¬†ūüôā

Sandra brought a real sense of inner vulnerability to that minisode when we filmed it..

And of course, a few days later, she was leaving London…and heading back to Mexico.. In a way that was a bit sad too..

But it gets better ūüôā

She left some of her suitcases with me in London for safe keeping.. ¬†And she came back to London in July.. ¬† and we filmed many more episodes… And guess what…she found Love.. ! ¬†And guess a bit more- ¬† ¬†she found love with another friend of mine.. ¬† a guy who was also in my Doctor Who fan the name of Stephen Cole.. ¬† (An actor who lives in Glastonbury..) ¬†And go on..guess once more.. ¬† they met `on the set’ ¬†during our filming of his Doctor Who story (yes, we have two Doctors!). ¬†And they `got together on `International Peace Day’ ..That was back in September’14.

I hear they are moving in together in 2015.. and going forward in life..  so good happy news..

Well there’s more to it.. ¬† Sometimes, when some hearts mend, other hearts get broken.. ¬† and that’s life too.. ¬†I think another friend of mine ended up with a heart ache.. ¬†But wait.. ¬†the other friend found love again.. ¬†So it’s all okay!! ¬†Honest!! ¬†ūüôā

As for me.. ¬† well.. ¬†looking back at my own last 2 years ..I wonder if `Am a good man?’ ¬†I ¬†think I am ¬†a fallen Angel.. ¬†or a rising Demon.. ¬†Am never sure. ¬†Broken hearts can create all sorts of turmoils..and personality shifts.. ¬†make one bitter, depressed, reclusive, unable to go forward or backwards.. ¬† (well, isn’t this a joy…Actually it is to those who follow my blogs.. ¬†I rarely write about my personal life.. ¬†and often keep to just being astrological, spiritual and all that… So here you get a glimpse…And why ever not…It’s the last day..of 2014…the `Year of I’mPossible Dreams’ ¬†that I set off back in January.. ¬† How many of those became not sure.. ¬† ¬† )

All I can say is…my story is still unfolding.. ¬† ¬†and am sure a travelling Companion will walk into my TARDIS…I mean my life.. at some point.. Well, for that to happen, I need a TARDIS first… ¬† And seeing I partially built one years ago..and then got fed up and burnt most of it.. ¬† Yes, I have plans to build a new TARDIS…both the inside console room..and the outside Blue Box..

Then a Companion can accidentally walk into it.. ¬†I’ll make sure the door is unlocked..and kept open.. ¬†Doors..? ¬†Hearts… TARDIS? ¬†Life? ¬†All same thing.. ¬† Have you not figured it out..? ¬†Did you think just ¬†am not talking transpersonal psychology today? Why would I stop doing that?? ¬† ūüôā

Have you had a dream ¬†or two..or hundreds…of a box, a bed, a room, a ship, a car, a hut or a house? ¬†It’s all ¬† ¬†symbolically..! ¬†well, same here… Yeap, Psychology ya see!

Meanwhile.. ¬† ¬†watch this minisode…It’s Brilliant and bitter sweet.. ¬†I should know.. ¬†I wrote what I felt.. and I know that parts of those tears in her eyes were not acting at all..

-Mani Navasothy  (Executive Producer / Director/ Lead writer)

Doctor Who Imaginarium Fan Productions

31s December 2014


Minisode Info:

Doctor Who Imaginarium Fan productions¬† presents.. ¬†starring Sandra Tena as The Doctor in `Love Loss and Life’.

Written, Directed, filmed & edited by Mani Navasothy.
Filmed on location in the Docklands area of London (in January 2014).
This minisode is a character piece that explores the pain and anguish of love lost.. especially for a Time Lady!
Enjoy the minisode.. Our full run of stories start in 2015, with a Prelude called `Lucifer’s Legacy’, and first full story, `Dragons of London’ ¬†and then `Shaman’s Game’.

We already have 7 stories to tell..ranging from the final days of the Dark Times of Gallifrey (That wasn’t even its name then).. to raging Cyberman wanting the God Upgrade..and old foes playing with The Doctor’s soul itself.. !! And another thing.. One of those Doctors is not Who he appears to be..!

Doctor Who (c) BBC. TARDIS (c) BBC.

No copyright breach intended. This is an entirely non-profit fan fans for fans..just for fun!!



Doctor Who Imaginarium – website

Sandra Tenna’s Books on Amazon (in Spanish)

Inkwells & Daydreams – Sandra’s professional blogs

Sandra’s personal blogs – That Voice in my Head


When is your Darkest Hour?

Our Darkest Hour is..

Darkest Hour & Ligjt Within (c) Mani Navasothy Dec2014

I’ll be writing more on this .. and share some of my insights..on how to deal with those hard moments.

Bright Wishes

-Mani Navasothy

Life is a Spiral – not a Circle (motivational)

Life is a Spiral (c)ManiNavasothy2014
Life is a Spiral      art (c) Mani Navasothy 2014

Life is not a circle..but a spiral.

Cycles seem to come around, same things seem to repeat..but each time we are moving slightly up or down in progress.. and each time, we should try to do things slightly different, to see if energies and life shifts to better states..

At times, others may try to keep us in the same spot, or collapse our life from a spiral to a circle.. Not letting that happen is also hard work.. (in other words, letting people’s expectations and projections getting the better of us..).

Its hard enough each of us having to work on our own shadows, issues and projections.

So let’s make it easy on one another..

Life is not a Circle. Life is a spiral..

Let’s keep moving ..from the deep subconscious prompts onwards and upwards to our higher selves ..

-Mani Navasothy


Yesterday’s Heavens (and Personal fears of a blogger)

Well, hello there! ūüôā

Yes, it’s been a month since my last blog post.. ¬† much has been happening in my life, that somehow, writing regular blogs seem to have fallen off the agenda.

My sincere apologies.. ¬† I write astrology forecasts…not to make a name for myself.. ¬†not to earn ¬† ..but to spread a kind of general esoteric hope ..for anyone who is having a difficult time.. ¬†or is in need of looking forward to things in life.. ¬†so it’s something I really should carry on.. ¬†But sadly, at times, I myself lack that very hope.. and end up in the pits of darkness and despair – and have to find my own way back to light again.. ¬† And during those phases, I am not in a place to help others..

The last few months have been that way- if you had not already noticed the erratic blogging. Infact the last year has been that way..perhaps longer.

In some forthcoming blogs, I will be ..not just sharing some of my `real’ personal plights and resulting insights, but I promise to `get real’ – and start tackling all the things I have meant to write about..but never could.. ¬† – why?


Fear of being misunderstood. Fear of revealing too much personal things. ¬†Fear of being rejected. ¬†Fear of not being accepted. ¬†Fear of exposing other people’s ¬†woes and worries…their privacies..secrets and all that.

But without risk, there is no progress.. ¬†So I will be breaking my own rules…and talk about some things.. ¬†in the hope that it gives anyone reading these…hope! ¬†Insight.. ¬† Faith.. ¬† ¬†well, not about my life.. ¬†(that too)..but about their own lives.

Okay.. ¬†so yesterday’s astrology ¬†

Yesterday 1) Mercury sextiled Mars

2) Mercury sextiled Saturn

3) Venus trined Uranus

4) Mars conjunct Saturn..

Now all those aspects are what we call `good, positive’.. Interestingly.. Mars & Saturn are in the powerful, probing, deeply intense sign of Scorpio (death and rebirth, transformation)..

Mars provides the sharp tools, Saturn is highlighting stability & structures… old forms even.. and lessons..

Mercury is in the earthy sign of Virgo now..and Venus in the firey sign of Leo. Uranus in Aries..

If I stop to think, I could analyse this and write a 10 page essay..That’s how much was going on.. Let’s not forget the New moon in Virgo too.

Intuition tells was an important few days..! Crazily, no one is immune from the influence of stars and planets..not even astrologers..

It seems the advanced knowledge of it is kept away from those for whom the process needs to happen..

That’s not much of a forecast (well, it’s it;s already happened). ¬†And its not much of an analysis it?

I am sorry ..  

But know that it’s stirred up energies and forces that are going to make things better..

I shall write again..soon.

Love n hugs to all..

-Mani Navasothy

Be Loved..! (A Beltane Blessing)

“I thought you You loved me..!” I heard her screech, as I got closer. ¬†She was in tears, and so was the guy walking besides her. It was long past midnight, and they were walking along a woody path, in pouring rain.

After a wonderful Earth day Picnic & Eco-Ceremony in Trent park, I was returning home. I had got the last bus from Modern, and still had a 10 minute walk – along a quiet path with trees on either sides and past a fat flowing stream. ¬† The couple walking infront of me must have got off from the same bus.. ¬†and I heard occassional loud screeches from the distance. It’s only when I got closer (I walk fast) that I realised they were having some sort of an emotional exchange. It seemed that he was not there at a particular event or place, and she had had a bad experience. ¬†All I could hear was silence and sobbing from him and few softly spoken words.

As I over took them, there was only one thought in my mind.

We all – you, me and everyone – want to be loved! ¬†(Is that why we call some people in our lives, `Beloved..’? ūüôā

Beltane Blessings - Lord and Lady (c) Mani Navasothy 2014
Beltane Blessings – Lord and Lady (c) Mani Navasothy 2014

And when we do, it puts us on top of the world!!  And we are not, we are in hell..  !!

So, with whatever energy I had left of the wonderful Earth Day event, I spread a bit of magic their way – that they shall feel loved. And as I walked further, it came to me – that it’s a pretty good spell to cast on the whole world.

So on this Beltane Day, with the images of the Lord and Lady I caught in the flames last night, I wish you all fulfilment of Love.

Be Loved..

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

ps. The image at the centre is a real photograph.. ¬†one of about 200 I took of the flames.. ¬† and I saw so many shapes ..and this one seem to show a lady on the left and a lord on the right ūüôā ¬†It seemed the perfect one to share on my 400th blog post. ūüôā