HT Stag-Watch at Richmond park (and full moon walk)

HT Stag-Watch at Richmond park (and full moon walk)

A spontaneous outdoor event.. with less than 1-day notice!
It’s the rutting season for Deer all around the country (where dominant Stags round up female deer, and fight-off other stags!). We’re off to Richmond park for a careful and non-intrusive watch of this..and to experience the energies.. all under a bullish Taurean the full moon!

No mess…no fuss event. Just meet us by Richmond Station coffee shop between 3 pm- 3.15pm (we can’t wait after that), or get to Richmond Gate of the Park by 3.30pm… Look for Mani & Marcus (and Ruby the dog!).

Wrap up warm.. it’s might get wet. and you’ll enjoy it if you bring your own hot drink in a flask!

No ritual.. just a friendly walk & conversations …starting at Dusk .. We’ll end the walk latest by 7pm at Richmond Gate..

come join us and tune into the wild energies of Rutting Stags! It’ a must for every Pagan who worships a Horned God! 🙂

check out Hern’s Tribe page on facebook.. search for Hern’s Tribe ( we have a page & a group)


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