Samhain / Halloween Webinar 2012 – free to listen! ( for a limited time)

Samhain Webinar 2012

Here is a special 75 minute (edited) replay of last year’s popular Samhain Webinar!

Follow this link to listen to the Samhain-Halloween Webinar with slideshow. 

I  talk extensively about Samhain, and also covers introductions to Paganism, Wicca, Altars, outdoor rituals..and answers questions from listeners. I hope you enjoy this informative webinar. If you have new questions, e-mail them to me (via my website contact point) and I will personally get back to you.

What’s a webinar?     Well, it’ an online seminar, with a slide show, and a soundtrack (live talk). It can be accessed by a website (watched on a screen in a web page, with volume turned up), or it can be listened to via a phone-in (participants phone a pre-publicised local number, and put a pin number in and get their call connected to the webinar …and listen in.   These used to be called `Teleseminars’ (telephone seminars), but now we have slides to go with them on websites…so they are more evolved and called `Webinars’.   Various hosting companies provide the online services for registering & running webinars.  (bit like website hosting). Webinars are highly evolved online communication, promotion & teaching tools…used for internet ventures & marketing.

Background to my first (Samhain 2011) webinar:

This webinar  was originally facilitated on 31st Oct’2011.  It originally came about because I was invited to appear in an internet radio show, to talk about Samhain, and also participate in a religious discussion about Halloween (in October 2011). However I was quite disappointed by the way my side of things (on Paganism) was warped by one of the other guests on the show – a Christian Priest. So, I made a big decision to start putting out the `uncensored’ version of my views… and my sister helped me set up this webinar. It was the first ever webinar I had done.. (and I had a very bad cold when I was doing it).

Bright Blessings

Mani Navasothy

ps. I hope to announce another Samhain related publication within 24 hours.. Watch this space 🙂

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