Journey of the Fool : New Moon Ritual by Hern’s Tribe (London)

Journey of the Fool:  New Moon Ritual12th January 2013 in London
Journey of the Fool: New Moon Ritual
12th January 2013 in London

Special Ritual in January 2013 (Hern’s Tribe – outdoor Pagan Group)

Journey of the Fool.

Ritual based on the first major arcana card of Tarot (The Fool) – which symbolises new beginnings and ventures. We will be doing this ritual outdoors in one of the park/ woodlands of London (tbc) – creating a Talisman and consecrating it at each of the quarter-gateways of the elements.

Saturday 12th January 2013

Gather at 2.00 pm by Tram Stop `Coombe Lane’ (5 minutes from East Croydon Railway Station)

Ritual involves walking through some hill areas to reach a view point. May not be suitable for anyone with walking difficulties.

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ps. Special Thanks to Marcus & Ruby for posing in Summer 2012. 🙂

One thought on “Journey of the Fool : New Moon Ritual by Hern’s Tribe (London)

  1. Some very interesting ideas have surfaced as a result of this ritual that we did few day ago. They are now in development, in conjunction with some of my graphically created (personalised) Major arcana tarot cards. (see for examples). I’ll keep you updated. -Mani

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