Astrological aspects & transits to watch out for in January 2013-part1

Astrology forecasts (horoscopes) January 2013 -pt1 (c)ManiNavasothy
Astrology forecasts (horoscopes) January 2013 -pt1 (c)ManiNavasothy

Hello all,  here’s something new that I like to do..  hopefully on a regular basis — looking at upcoming astrological transits and aspects- and what we can expect, what to look forward to, and what potential challenges to be careful of (and avoid – if possible). I like to stress the point- all astrological `forecasts’ are about potentials for something to occur – good or bad (to be very blunt), harmonious or stressful or challenging – to be more precise ….So making the actual forecast manifest or not manifest depends also on the individual person and his/ her belief systems.

Aspect:  This is when two or more planets `form’ a relationship between one another – from our point of observation. ie it looks to us like 2 planets are lined up one one behind another (conjunction), or one on one side of the earth and the other exactly on the opposite side of the earth (opposition), or one above our heads and another 90 degrees to the right hand side or left hand side (horizon) – ie square, and so on.

Transits: Planets are moving all the time..across the sky, and when a planet `enters’ a sign, or a point in the sky, it is said to `transit’ that point. The moon for example moves across the skies so fast (by planetary standards) that the moon takes about 2 1/2 days to transit each sign of the zodiac. So about 29 days later, the moon’s back in the same zodiac. (The Sun in comparison takes 12 months!)

Clarifications on the forecasts:     Am not writing detailed forecasts –  What I am going to do is look at certain `highly auspicious’ (harmonious) aspects between planets (mainly conjunctions, trines and sextiles), and also flag up potential `stressful / testing’ aspects (mainly squares, oppositions & some semi-squares).

Who is affected?  Each and every  aspect and transit  affects everyone, and not just a few signs.  (It’s to do with House positions of the planets!  More on that another time).  However I look at the zodiac signs that are involved in a particular aspect or transit, as well as which planets and what signs those planets rule..

Astrology transits /aspects for January 2013  (Sunday 13th –  Saturday 19th January)


Venus square-Uranus.  Social change!  This is a stressful aspect. For most people (especially Librans & Taureans), unexpected events or encounters may happen – in a social or romantic situation. Aquarians will have to deal with a financial or relationship matter. The build-up of stress created by this aspect will only reduce, when action is taken in one way or the another. No action is not an option.  As venus is in Sagittarius & Uranus is in Aries,   this aspect will also be acutely felt by Sagittarians and Aries people. The energy of this aspect would have been felt a few days prior, and by 13th it should be culminating.


Venus -sextile-saturn.   This is a harmonious aspect. On a scale of `very good, good, okay, not bad’   – this will be `good’.  There is potential for laying out or planning long term arrangements in a relationship or social group situations. Artistic ventures, connection between people and their parents, bosses or managers are positively influenced.   Librans, Taureans, Capricorns affected – as venus & Saturn involved. As venus is in Sagittarius, and Saturn is in Scorpio,  those zodiac signed people are also influenced.

Venus-conjuncts-pluto – This aspect is also taking place on this day. In addition to the above, as Venus is connecting to Pluto,  there will be an element of depth or probing, as well as some sort of long term obsession/ habit, sexual or occult in nature can be a factor. This will affect Scorpios, and Capricorns – as Pluto rules scorpio, and pluto is currently in Capricorn.

Astrology gives confirmation or the `message’ in more ways than one. This day is a fine example. The first aspect had Venus-saturn, with saturn in scorpio, and the second aspect has venus-pluto, with pluto in capricorn which is ruled by saturn. So the same message is coming up as a resonance through 2 separate aspects.


Sun-conjuncts-Mercury.  This is a `good’ one. The firey energy of the Sun is harmoniously combining with the communicative and playful energy of Mercury – the mythical messenger of the Gods!  It’s a day to embark on new commercial ventures, do publicity, send an important e-mail or have that meeting to talk about matters of importance to you!  Keep an eye on messages, and take any new opportunities seriously. We can;t always trust flight-footed mercury, but on the it combines with the Sun, there’s every chance for hope and trust.

For a conjunction to take place, both planets have to be in the same zodiac sign. In this case, they are both in Capricorn. So it’s safe to say Capricorns will have the best opportunity. But Leos, Gemini’s & Virgos will also be getting the best of this day.

Next week, I’ll put up my forecasts for the period  between 20th -31st Jan’13.  (don’t forget Jupiter goes direct on 30th January).

-Mani Navasothy


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