Pleasures & Pains of Kundalini energy Rising

Kundalini energy rising (c)ManiN2013
Kundalini meditation

Kundalini is the eastern mystical name given to the energy that is said to exist within every man and woman. It is often imaged as a coiled snake seated within the pelvic / basal spine area of a person. Esoteric practitioners of Tantric Sex and indeed many western magical traditions advocate use of this very special and often intense energy in personal magical work.

When I first began exploring psychic powers (in workshops), the lady who was running the 2-day workshop led me and a group of others through a basic exercise in working with one’s personal Chakra (hindu) energy centers (there are 7 such energy centers between the head and the pelvic). In that first workshop, the lady led us through work of the top 4 Chakras (head, 3rd eye, throat, heart) .. saying that the lower chakras are more intensive and only for experienced practitioners.

When I started to read about Wicca & Witchcraft, I began to learn a slightly different attitude to chakra work.  Wicca s it seemed worked mainly with the base chakra as a starting point, then sacral, then Solar plexis and moving upwards to the Heart Chakra.  This is because Wiccans are encouraged to tap into the Earth energy from below, and use that to fill and activate their base chakra and onwards.

Personal experience has shown me that Chakra work is best done as a whole for beginners – that is start from the base and go all the way to the crown. But beginners should be taught the reverse fairly early on also – ie starting from Crown and working all the way to the base and directing that energy into the Earth. This is very grounding.

Kundalini (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
Kundalini Rising (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

It goes without saying, that the base & sacral chakras are quite closely connected to sexual energy centers and reproductive organs in humans. So work with those chakras does have an unexpected awakening or intensity of interest in sex and sexual needs. While such an awakening or increased awareness can lead to pleasurable explorations (either on one’s own or with consenting partners), the down side is that unexpressed sexual energy (specifically awakened by such Kundalni work) can leave the practitioner frustrated, unfocused, obsessive and even lead down a path of an occultish interest in fetishes, promiscuity, pornography and so on.

People embarking in such work should be properly prepared with plenty of grounding energy works and training to be self-aware of such personal energy shifts.

Kundalini energy is a powerful one that can lead to personal transformations – and that in itself is quite painful, like a serpent that has reached a point where it needs to withdraw to safety and shed its old skin, so that a new one can grow to fit the growing body.  I have explored this in a visionary art shown here,where the Kundalini is shown as a Serpent that is rising through the center of the Spine, and in doing so, it is forced to shed its skin. The half-buried skull is a symbolic representation that death of some kind occurs (of the old self) in order for new growth and evolution of the Self to take place.

-Mani Navasothy


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