Magician or Witch without tools, weapons..and magic! (advanced self-development)

Tarot - The Magician Card (c)ManiN2011
Tarot – The Magician Card (c)ManiN2011

What sort of a Magician (or Witch..or Wizard) is one who is without any magical tools of the magic.. or magical weapons.. or ultimately ..magic itself? That’s a question am sure many who practise any sort of magical art or witchcraft will have asked of themselves. I certainty have – several times – in the past 15-20 years where I have been `using’ magic.

Do people who use magic ever just..give it up?  There’s the question of leaving, not using or just plain getting rid of one’s magical tools & `weapons’  – either giving it all away to other people, or simply destroying it. This will include magic Wands, magic or ritual Swords, Staff, personal protections, talismans, charms.. (I won’t include crystals or statues of deities in this, as they have a slightly different `energy’ in my view, and have a kind of external power within them by their own virtue…  power that the magician / witch didn’t put there, but is evoking or calling into it).

So what happens to the Magician who has got rid of his or her tools of the craft…and stands defenseless in front of the world at large?

Well, believe it or not – this is quite normal..   perhaps not for the magical practitioners, but to a huge and large majority of the rest of the people on the planet!  They get on with lives, without ever (consciously) having used magic, spells, witchcraft or spells ever..and most of the times, never!

So I am looking at the ones who have `fallen’ into Magic, and become so used to it – and perhaps even depended on it..either as a belief system, as an empowering strategy, or even as a `label’ for themselves –  and I wonder how they would cope without it all?  No doubt some would have given it all up and gone on to live `normal’ happy lives.

And before anyone asks me – yes – I have tried this approach..   either as a short or medium strategy..or as part of my `evolution’. (There are dangers of course..  as huge parts of one’s life can become disruptive or even destroyed… call it sympathetic magic in action!)

People close to me will know that every once in a while, I choose to ground quite a bit of my magical workings, and even go as far as to burn, bury or destroy some of my tools.. !  After some time, (and it sometimes becomes long..and challenging) I make new tools..  I do this not on a whim, but as a calculated or intuitive plan..   Some energies become tainted..and so do some tools, and sometimes it’s better to ground the energies within those…and start again.

There is certainty something true about having a magical tool that has been used for long – it builds up a reserve of one’s power..  But in the `wrong’ hands, it can be dangerous – as if an un-authorized person used it, they may have a direct link to one’s energy..  (I wonder about the magical tools of Witches gone by..who’s tools are either in museums or other people’s hands…)

`True power comes from within, and it can be linked to external objects’  is a belief that many a modern Wiccans & Witches believe.  And I agree.

Recently, I had been away from nearly all of my major magical tools – Staff, Sword.. etc.   (although they were in a safe place, they were not with me). Independent of this, I was going through some very challenging times..  and I had to find other ways of magical self-sufficiency.  Fortunately, it’s not new to me.I have in the past gone through periods …where I stop all conscious magical work..

Magicians do use magic, and it sits like a protective cloak around them.  So when tools are got rid of, or destroyed, and one stops using magic… let’s just say it gives evolution & Fate a free rein.  This is a tricky thing to do, as life can get very out of control..  and one can become at the direct mercy and whims of anything and everything around.  It’s particularly worse, if one is highly empathic..  picking up other people’s emotions and such.

This sort of self-developmental work is not for the beginners..  and it can tear their lives and even identity apart. And if there are other malicious entities or people around, their energies can have a profound effect. But through it all, one thing can develop.  As long as one has Faith in the divine, and can find hope in the heart,..   a deeper inner strength can develop….something that is beyond even magic!

And here’s the thing..   true deeper personal magic never really goes away.  It just gets cluttered and hindered.  A magical fasting can actually help it crystallise better..   !

A word of warning ..again.  This is not for the novice..!

-Mani Navasothy

ps.  In a future blog, I’ll  discuss  more challenging works…such as working without the Gods & Goddesses.. !   ( follow my blog to keep up).



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