Eco-Magic to protect Oaken Wood in kent, UK

Eco-Magic- Protect Oaken Wood
Eco-Magic- Protect Oaken Wood

You must have heard already – that the UK government has give the go ahead for commercial quarrying to take place at Oaken Wood, ancient woodland!  The woodland trust have been running a campaign to save the Oaken woods ..but seem to have lost the first rounds…But that doesn’t mean the fight is over!

Apart from more consultations and procedures (all that formal legal channels) there is always Eco-magic!

Eco-Magic is when a group of pagans, magical, spiritual or New Agers gather together…to perform a magical working, ritual, prayer or spell-casting..  to save and protect an ecology, environment, plant, animal, species!   There have been many such activities, saving woods in other areas from being hacked for sake of roads, by-passes etc.  Dragon Eco-magical group is one such popular group, led by Adrian Harris and friends.. (still active in many ways!)

Well, my friends and I are taking the train from London (Victoria) today (Sunday 21st July’13) to travel to travel to Oaken woods.. and do an Eco-Magical working. Do join us if you person..  or by adding positive protective thoughts to saving this woodland.


If we let this one go, chances are it will set a legal precedents for the UK government to make similar `use’ of other 300 ancient woods in UK.   So this (pardon the pun) has to be nipped in the bud.

While others work hard via legal and formal paths, we pagans and magicians are free from bureaucracy and red tape act now!!

Meet us at Victoria train station at 12pm..  by WH Smith bookshop entrance…(look for me, Mani  (Hindu-Wiccan), and my friends Jacqui  (Priestess of Avalon) and Rose (Psychic & Wiccan).. Others are joining us on the site itself..

Thank you.

-Mani Navasothy


Save Oaken woods (website by group)

Article on News paper – Independant

Gaian Times Eco-Magazine (online)

Gaian Times-Facebook group

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