A Royal Blessing..for the new Windsor Child

Triple Blessings for the Royal baby (Windsor Child)
Triple Blessings for the Royal baby (Windsor Child)

It was a thrilling day…yesterday (22nd July 2013) when the new Royal baby (Boy who will be King..one day) was born!  As soon as I had heard (upon waking up) that mother Kate Windsor (Duchess of Cambridge) had started labour in the early morning..(and I knew there was a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in the morning.. ) I knew I must get to a place of focus and Celebration..  to personally experience this upcoming big event..

The wait by Buckingham Palace was long.. In fact those os us who were waiting to see the `public announcement’ in the form of a printed notice…got it about 2-3 hours late.  But no matter 🙂

Many have already said, `he’s just a boy..  many were born on this day’. But he’s not just a boy..is he?   He will be King one day ..  we can be 99% sure of that..  and many of us have a slim to none chance of that!   I believe that if blessed with positivity and our good wishes, he will grow up to make huge changes possible in the World (not just UK).  After all, he comes from the land that gave King Author (secret of the Grail is.. `The Land and the King are One’).. an unlike King Author, we know that this one is born under exceptionally brilliant astrological aspects!

I’ll share photos I took, and more of the experience in another blog …but for now..

Here’s a personal Blessings of well-being and protection for this new boy 🙂

“By the powers of Hern & Isis, may this Royal baby be protected..

By Sun & Moon, may he grow up with true wisdom..

and by the Strength of Stars, may he be a force for the good of this land and all its people..”

-Mani Navasothy

One thought on “A Royal Blessing..for the new Windsor Child

  1. This is a beautiful blessing! So sincerely heart-felt …Im glad you got to go there on that day of this significant and happy event so you could be in the mist of it all ! Wonderful 🙂

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