Astro-Alert: Jupiter square Uranus on the tail of Aquarian Blue Moon

Not only are we all brewing up for an astro-blue-moon in Aquarius, we also have a very dynamic (challenges, stress..) square between Jupiter and Uranus!


The full moon is tomorrow (21st aug’13…  at 1:45am GMT   and  the Jupiter-square-Uranus is also tomorrow at 7:15am gmt!.

Words like rebellion, breaking boundaries, innovation.. come to mind.   Starting new ventures is possible..   so is finding inner blockages and blasting them…to be free!    Beware of runaway childish impulses..   and little triggers (aren’t all triggers little?) setting you off in a temper fit..      Expect a bit of the unexpected (!!) .   Idealism can tip over…Rebellions can become warped..if that energy is not channeled (there is potential for so much progress…but the trigger-happy Uranus / Ares mix could mess that up!)

As Cancer & Aries are also involved (Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries), lot of water & fire re being added to the mix..  Read emotions, feelings, passion, aggression, frustrations.. !

Will affect Sagittarians, Aquarians, Cancerians & Aries people more than anyone else..!

Dust will settle by thursday/ friday..and we’ll see how the landscape has been transformed.. within and without!

That’s it..  Good luck 🙂


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