2014 : Year of I’mPossible Dreams!

Impossible Dreams? what’s the point, you ask?   Read on then!!

A recent conversation I had with a magical person from Germany went along the lines of the so many `rules’ and `laws’ that modern people who practise ritual magic seem to have accumulated. Dear God, think of all that dross, all that clutter, all those `can’t do’s’!

My thoughts are far more sharper on this..  perhaps more black and white…than all the grey!

If anything has human-made rules, and restraints, and laws..  it’s either Science, Religion or politics.

Magic – by its very virtue makes all things possible!   We believe the not-possible. That’s why it’s called Magic!!   And mine has no rules!  It never did!!   And short of God or Goddess, or an angel or a Dragon or Fairy or some elemental or all the creatures of the mind and magic pop-visibly-in front of me, and say anything otherwise, I am going to operate on the same proviso I have always operated on.. (when people are not brain-washing me with conditioning that is!).

That there are no limits or laws to Magic! Anything is possible!!

Have a Magical 2014 – Year of Impossible Dreams..  that is to, `I’m Possible’ 🙂

2014- Year of Impossible Dreams & Infinite possibilities (c) Mani Navasothy
2014- Year of Impossible Dreams & Infinite possibilities (c) Mani Navasothy

Happy New Year!!

-Mani Navasothy

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