Astrology: Indigo Moon & Blue moon in 2015

Hi all, looking ahead to the stellar events in 2015, here are two concerning the Moon.

1.  Astrological INDIGO Moon – This takes place earlier in 2015 – the second new (dark) moon to take place consecutively in the same sun sign.  In this case, it is in Aquarius.

Indigo Moon in Aquarius 18Feb2015 (c) Mani Navasothy

2. Traditional BLUE Moon – we all know this..  the second full moon too take place in the `same calendar month’. It takes place at the end of July’15.

Traditional Blue Moon -31July 2015  (c) Mani Navasothy

Note – these  Blue Moons and Indigo moons only `make sense’ as pairs ..   ie it’s the second occurrence of a particular nature  that is marked as such.   BUT remember, that for  magical and personal development work, the work must take place (meditation, ritual, spell casting etc) on both occurrence of that event.   For example, for utilizing the `Indigo Moon’ energy, you must start the magical work (part 1) on 20th January and and complete the magical work (part 2) on 18th Feb.

I shall write more about these nearer the time.

Bright Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

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