Earth Day 2016 – Evening walk & candle-lit picnic in Richmond Park

Dear all, nearly all of you know.. am big on  Gaia, and Eco-matters.  And there’s nothing more significant a date that `Earth Day’ (happens every year 22nd April).    I’ve been holding outdoor ceremonies for Earth day for many years..   ever since i became aware of it via the late Jean Williams (more on her in another post).. Some know I have organised 3  `Gaia Conventions’ (via Pagan Federation London) many years ago..(and plan to hold one later this year).

Earth Day 2016- 21april16

For the past 2 years, we have been meeting in Richmond park on the Earth day itself – for meditative & magical work. This time, we’re scheduling in a later evening meeting.. to take a quieter walk in the wonderful Richmond Park.. We’ll stroll through.. take some sights of the Deers and oaks.. and settle down for a candle-lit picnic.. and if the mood takes us…perhaps a Full moon ceremony!

Update: This event takes place on the day *before* Earth day…ie on 21st April 2016.

This is a `quiet’ event.. no loud drums.. invocations etc. we’ll be mindful and unintrusive of the wild life and enjoy the stillness of evening..and the depth of magic.

Note: Main gates for cars close at dusk.. but pedestrian gates will be we can walk out any time.


Once initial meeting/ greeting is done, we’ll set off on a gentle exploratory walk..  Once we find a suitable spot,  we aim to use locally found organic items, twigs, branches, leaves..logs…to create an Earth Altar/ Eco art. There will then follow a meditative session (15 mins), followed by a late-evening woodland picnic of snacks & wine / drinks.

If we spot large groups of Deers (as often it happens), we will adjust our plans accordingly.. and flow with nature 🙂

What to bring:

• Please wear really sensible cloths – warm, water proof & shoes/boots.

• Bring some food & drinks to share

• Bring a rose quarts or clear quartz to hold during meditation.

• Bring any magical talismans, shields, dreamcatcher type items.. to place around altar area

• Any special Goddess images/ statues

(you will take your own items back home).

Directions / travel

We’ll meet meeting by `Richmond Gate’ (either get there by bus from Richmond town centre.  (Do not come by car as main gates close at dusk..and  any cars inside will be locked in.   Been there done that!! So take my word for it!)


We can not know what the weather is going to be like..   Come fully prepared.   (Yes, it REALLY DOES get cold when you sit down and don;t move for 15 minutes.  ** Please take our experienced advise- wear warm cloths, no matter how `warm; it may be in the day/ afternoon!**

Check back few days before event for any changes / updates .

-Mani Navasothy

ps.  here is my meetup page at London Woodland Witches…for this Earth Day event. Feel free to join it and keep up to date with our plans.

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