Introduction to Wicca – outdoor course for Beginners (Wimbledon, sat 16th July 2016)

Join me in this one-day outdoor course, suitable for beginners & seekers of Wicca!

As a nature-based religion, the best way to explore Wicca is in a natural setting! So I have run these since 2006 in various woods & pars of London. Yes at times it’s cold or it rains… but we prepare (that too is part of being a Nature-Witch!)

Wiccan Path for Beginners -16july16 (c) Mani Navasothy

Who is this course for?

This course is to introduce Wicca & Witchcraft to beginners & seekers! I often see so many people stumbling or making some mistakes or are nervous at rituals- so here it is – a full introduction. This is for any and all those interested or curious about Wicca & Witchcraft and like a simple, down to earth, friendly introduction…the whole lot in one half a day..!


• Gather at Tea rooms : 10:30am-11am

• Course start: 11:15am

• Course ends: 5pm.

• Tidy up/ additional chats: 5pm onwards.


Course contents:

• Origins of Modern Wicca (notes given. Brief verbal outline)

• Wiccan Law & principles (notes given. Brief verbal outline)

• Altar setup & Wiccan Ritual tools

• Consecrations, sacred space & magic circle

• Working with Elements & Quarters

• Horned God & Moon Goddess

• Magic & Spellcraft in Wicca

• Wheel of the year – related seasonal myths & rituals explained

• Initiations & Coven life – brief outline

**Fee: £18.

You can also pay cash in person. Please rsvp `yes’ and then pay the fee in person *at the start* of the course. Thanks.

You may join my Meetup event for this and rsvp, or just turn up with preparations (see below), and pay in person at start of the course.

What to bring

• For your own comfort, please bring any food/drinks lunch (Please avoid eating during course delivery!);

• bring flask of hot drinks.

• ***Bring comfortable cushion/ mat to sit on, as well as a blanket / throw to wrap up ..during meditative work (or if it’s just cold).

• Please wear warm coats, socks (those ankle socks are pointless!), scarf.. ***(I say this every time, and 1-2 people still attend with unprepared attire and shiver at our events,. It is uncomfortable to look at and distracts others. So please heed this advise. Thanks. )**

• We’ll have some wine for ceremonial parts of the course & for a bit of social after/

• Strictly no exotic substance/ drugs etc!

• Note books/ pen (some printed notes will be provided).


Recording / photography policy

No private recording by phones/ dictaphones.

No photography during course delivery & practise. .

Practical Details for the Day (venue/transport).

Course space will be set-up in advance by Organiser

You may bring packed lunch or buy at nearby Cafe (affordable cakes/food & coffee etc ).


Arrival & meeting:

You can arrive by public transport (train to Wimbledon, then a quick bus trip of 10 mins..and a gentle walk of 10 mins to the meeting spot)..or drive in and park your cars for free.

Once all are gathered, we’ll all walk up into the space set up for the course (close to where we held the course in February 16).

Please gather at the garden seats at Windmill Tea room by 11am. We’ll walk 10 mins into the woods to the spot where course will take place.

We will break for lunch and short tea/coffee breaks.  We should be finished by 5pm…and it allows for tidy up/packing canopy, and some informal chats afterwards.

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy
(Gardnerian Wiccan High Priest)

Meetup event for this:   Oneday Wicca course Outdoors in Wimbledon for Beginners (London Woodland Witches meetup)




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