Invoking Tamesa Serpent for Protection of Water (Thames Ritual 14Dec2016)

A call to all Eco-Magicians – to invoke the Tamesa Serpent..
(Ceremony for protection of water / sacred land by Standing Rock, USA).

As many will know by now …the proposed oil pipeline to be built under the river (Dakota, USA) has now been stopped. After months of fighting, gathering, standing together at Standing Rock.. many are happy for this victory.

However we all know `the system’…we know `the authorities’…and we know all about the cleverness of the multibillion dollar corporate & commercial organisations!
They will not give up so easily!
Already there are reports that some of those oil companies are just declaring that they will pay the daily fine of $50000 and keep on drilling etc. And many fear that Donald Trump (USA President Elect) will reverse Obama’s decision..once Trump himself gets into power…because he has millions invested in those companies himself. Others fear this is just a stalling through winter..and the drilling etc will resume in full force…supported by more cunning backup plans.. in Spring 2017.

When i first proposed to do a `Tamesa invocation ritual’ on 14th December ( I said that on 24th November)..the battle at Standing Rock was still going on.

Now it seems to be over.. Victory seems to have been gained.

While not wanting to be negative about this.. as a Magician.. I also have to listen to my intuition.. It tells me that a) Magic is not linear…and b) we must stay on the cause…not just for sake of Standing Rock in USA..but for all the Fracking that’s proposed in UK..

So this ritual will go ahead..on wednesday evening 14th December the banks of River Thames…in Central London.

The Tide will be low around 8.30pm…so That’s the perfect time for this water ceremony.. Whatever magic we do and add to the waters of Thames.. will then be there as Tide comes in..and takes it away that night..and spread through the oceans..! Water connects the whole world.. water *is* most of our bodies.. As part of the ceremony.. I will be using waters collected over the years from various parts of the world.. I have small amounts from Australia, Niagara Falls, River Nile, Glastonbury White spring.. Feel free to bring waters from your local areas… We are merely helping the water spirits from across the globe to connect and strengthen..

With it..we’ll invoke the powers of the Tamesa Serpent/ Dragon (I’ve been doing Dragon magic for 20 years, and working with Thames energies for 10 years…so I hope those will come to our aids magically).

The ritual will be simple..
But it will take our mental and magical focus..
This is NOT a social.. This is Magic..this is work for us Magicians!

Date: Wednesday 14th December 2016

Metering point:  Tate Modern Green   (Meet by the Green area outside Tate Modern Gallery from 7pm. 

Time: We’ll go down to river bank for Ritual at 8pm.  Event should end by 9pm..and we’ll conclude with a small social

What to bring:   Wear suitable outdoor warm/ dry clothing ..especially shoes/ boots with good grips as it gets slippery by river bank (als there may be sharp objects washed up).

Health & Safety:  You must take full responsibility for your own Health & safety.

This event is NOT suitable for children due to the slippery/ water environment at night.

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy

Link to meetup event for this


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