A Wiccan question: Why keep the Old ways secret?

This came up in one of my facebook community pages…so here’s the question and my answer.

With regard to Wicca, why keep the old ways a secret? Why keep the sacred truth to yourselves when it should be shared with the world?

keep wicca secrets

Our Answer:

To be honest.. so much of Wicca has now been talked about, blogged about, and more importantly written about extensively in thousands of published books..! So the World knows all about it…the initiation rituals, the seasonal ones, the tools, the oaths …all of it. There are no wiccan secrets as such now in the present day.

BUT..and it’s a big but.. the mystery of wicca remains..! It can only be experienced in an actual closed group ritual.. no matter how much of it has been written or talked about.

Why is it that way? Talking and reading is the equivalent of a pregnant lady watching a documentary on TV about giving birth, or a young man/woman watching a romantic film… However, the actual experience of giving birth to a new life (all that birth pain for mother, and risk of her own death!) … or falling in love with another person (the thrill, the chase, the apprehensions, the insecurities, the actual Union/ making love) …….those things can only ever be `known’ by actually experiencing it. The real mystery remains.. no matter how many books One reads or how many movies one sees!!

So yeah…no secrets in Wicca now.. but magical Mystery remains!!

Bright Blessings.


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