Wicca for Beginners – 1-Day Course (2nd July 2022)

Wicca & Witchcraft is a mystery-religious tradition that includes worship of the divine as as a Horned God & Triple Moon Goddess (and many other deities), works with wild energies of the 4 Elements Air, Fire, Water, earth, and uses ritual magic & SpellCraft for personal empowerment and bettering lives.

Started by Gerald Gardner in the mid 1950’s in Southern England, UK, and aided by Doreen Valiente, the `Gardnerian Wicca’ grew. Alex & Maxine Saunders began a parallel path later called `Alexandrian Wicca’. These were initiatory paths where participants practised in private Covens! But since then Wicca has grown internationally and evolved with many facets.

1-Day Wicca course in London (woodland based) 2nd july 2022 (c) Mani Navasothy

This 1-Day woodland based experiential course is led by Mani – Witch & High Priest with over 25 years of Craft & Coven experience, and co-facilitated by Freya – Witch & Priestess. We can proudly say that many people who came through to Mani’s courses since 2006 have gone on to be initiated or even progress to running their own covens.

This course serves as a sound introduction for all Seekers interested in Wiccan path – either as a standalone exploration for you, or progressing to further study that can lead to initiation and training in a Coven!


This is a basic introduction & experiential course that aims to cover all essentials of Wiccan path with explanations, and ritual works demonstrated; Pathworking & meditation are used for opening, chants & circle dance are included for energy raising; You’ll learn about wiccan tools/ techniques, and some understanding of invoking God & Goddess and working with those energies. Some transpersonal Psychology & shadow work is briefly introduced as part of the development.

  • Why do you want to learn / join Wicca?
  • Personal energy & attunement:
  • Origins of Modern Wicca ; Wiccan Law & 3 principles;
  • Altar in Wicca – how to create one ; what to include;
  • Magical tools : Broom, Athame, sword, white handled knife, wands, scourge, staff, pentacle, Cup, Cauldron, Robes, cloaks, crowns, masks
  • Sacred Space: Sweeping/ purifications; Consecrations with salt & water/ incense; casting magic circle (words/ demo);
  • Elements, Gateways & Quarters; Symbols & qualities of Air/fire/Water/Earth in wicca; Element triangles; invocation words for calling elements (demo);
  • Group energy raising (chant, dance etc) .
  • Horned God & Moon Goddess in Wicca. Deity work, invocations.
  • Ritual magic & Spellcraft in Wicca.
  • Wheel of the year. 8-festivals; Esbats- Full moons/ new moon rites.
  • Initiations & Coven Life.

After the Course–
Those wishing to progress further beyond this course are encouraged to attend our Full moon rituals & seasonal gatherings, observe and participate, and get magically involved more.

FEE: £35.
You can rsvp on meetup, and pay fee at start of the course by cash.
Or use our eventbright link (see link below).

Date: Saturday 2nd July 2022


  • 10.15am to 10.45am (meeting in Pub)
  • 10.45am – walk to woods.
  • 11.00am – Course begins.
  • 6.00pm – course ends.

Queen’s Woods, HighGate, North London. Course will be held in outdoor woodland setting. This place has a long history of many covens & magical groups doing regular open and private rituals.

Nearest Tube:
HighGate (northern line).

meeting point/ time—-
We will meet inside The Woodman’s pub from about 10.15am. (address: 414 Archway Rd, London N6 5UA). At 10.45am, we will be walking together to the Woods.
**Please BE ON TIME*

NO Recording / photography——–
Tutor may take some photos with permission for publicity purpose.


  • Please wear plenty of warm clothing (it actually gets cold when you sit down on the ground for long). If it’s raining much, tutor will bring a tarpaulin sheet cover.. so we don’t get wet (too much)

What to bring—-

  • For your own comfort, please bring any food/drinks lunch . Bring flask of hot drinks.
  • There will be some logs to sit on. But bring cushion/ mat to sit on, as well as a blanket to wrap up if it gets cold. Please wear good warm coats, socks scarf..
  • We’ll have some wine for ceremonial parts of the course .
  • Lunch break: If you like to go to the cafe or pub for lunch that’s fine, but please be back on time and please don’t get lost in woods – all these can delay the course delivery.
  • Toilet: Most people go behind a tree/ bush! But there is a toilet in the Cafe that’s 10minute walk from Course area.

If you have any questions/concerns, please do contact us via private message on meetup.

Bright Blessings
-Mani & Freya

Meetup event link (rsvp & pay fee by cash at course)


Or Pay fee in advance

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