Conflicts, blood sacrifices, sex magic – Mani (Wiccan) interviewed by Akua Ofosuhene (Fire from the Sun)

So a few week ago I was just wandering along the main road in Kentish Town, and happen to see a occult looking shop – and promptly walked in for browsing. It had many African artefacts, objects, clothing, as well as crystals, plants, and many esoteric / ritual items for sale. I overheard the conversation between what appeared to be another shop visitor and the shop-owner. I went to pay for my chosen items, and mentioned something about planning to use it for one of my upcoming rituals in the woods..

And that was it! The beginning of a lively 3-way conversation, that then turned into a 4-way chat with another lady joining in. To cut a long exciting story short (am sure we’re going to hear this story many times in many places for years to come.. I just have a feeling about it) – to cut a long story short – Akua (pronounced `Aquea’ as one lady told me), invited me to give a talk at her shop /community centre on the subject of Wicca. And to warm up her regular viewers to her channel, she also invited me to join in a zoom chat .. about me and wicca.

So few weeks came and went.. so did Samhain / Halloween. We all got very busy. Then it was time for that zoom chat.. and it happened last night (9th November 2022, 9pm to 10pm). It was live-cast on Akua’s YT channel and here is the link to that recording.. It’s about 1 hr and 6mins.. ‘cos, some of you know, I don’t give short answers and i talk alot.. with many stories and anecdotes.

Watch the full 1 hr zoom interview here

Have a listen to all the topics we just wildly dipped in and out off. It may seem a bit chaotic – but this was a taster, a teaser and an introduction …to me. Oh some of you on my blog and pages know me and my own videos but it’s an intro of me to Akua’s community of people.

And if this intrigues you, well, we have an actual face-t-face Wicca talk on Thursday 24th November,

………………details …………

Beginners Guide to Wicca by Mani Navasothy -Wiccan High Priest

venue: Hub and Culture cooperative shop. 325 Kentish town road. London NW5 2JT

Date / time: Thursday 24th November / 7pm to 9.30pm

Ticket £10

link to ticket : (note I am a guest this event and it is organised and managed by Akua )

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