Poison under Altar (aka Return of the Mouse)

Exactly 2 years 1 month and 2 day ago..  I woke up on my 40th birthday, with the running of a small mouse over my naked back!  There had been the odd sounds..but until that very moment, I had had no actual proof that a rodent had infested my room.. and I sleep on the … Continue reading Poison under Altar (aka Return of the Mouse)

A slithering crawling Christmas

Here's something that ha changed me for good.. it's almost unbelievable.. ordinary and agnonizing and insightful. I often suffer bad back.. have done for 2 years, on and off, visit to the Osteopath for treatment with ultrasound that heats up my back joins & muscles, followed by deep-massage..followed by some contorted leg/arm/back twisting that results … Continue reading A slithering crawling Christmas

Gaian Trinity (art)

  It was 14th March 1996- when I first did the sketch work for a painting called `Gaian Trinity'. It featured the Horned God in a cloak in the back, Earth Goddess seated naked on a small hill, with a child on her lap..   There have been many other manifestations of that energy...  3 annual `Gaia conventions' … Continue reading Gaian Trinity (art)

Engagement Ring

How many rings can a wedding finger take?  Interesting question. On 21st December, we celebrated (privately) our second year of the engagement! Wow, that was one snow filled Yule day in London in 2009..!   Not sure what happened last year, but I wanted to mark it  this time. Though I'd proposed to her in later part … Continue reading Engagement Ring

Neighbours from hell

My first proper rant..and it's about my Neighbours! Gotta say, the next door house and garden were quite for many years..   lovely elderly coupled lived there before.   They had a nice big apple tree which the gy used to trim ...little bit weekly.. with a very long pruner mounted on a long stick-device.    Anyway the old guy  … Continue reading Neighbours from hell

Happy Yule

Birth of the Sun-ChildWinter Solstice - when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn..  shortest day..longest night..! This year it's happening on Thursday 22nd December 2011.. at 5.30am (GMT). That's the astrology. Pagans, Wiccans, Druids and New-Agers  celebrate this - and have done so for thousands of years - and consider the Sun-child being born.  … Continue reading Happy Yule

Welcome to my world..


Imagination squared (i~squared = r)

Hello Universe..! So here we are, almost on the eve of Mid-Winter Solstice.. longest night - shortest day.. a time when the Sun-child is reborn, according to many Pagan beliefs.    Quite an apt time for QuantumPhoenix to surface..again. It was possibly my 2nd oldest internet username/handle.. way back in the days of telnetting .   As the name … Continue reading Imagination squared (i~squared = r)