NEW Year’s Eve Pagan Social in London (31-Dec-13)

New Year's Eve 31Dec2013
New Year’s Eve 31Dec2013

New Year’s Day.. is also a New Moon! If you fancy having a central london social (public place) with fellow pagans & friends, watch the midnight fireworks..and start the new year a truly magical way… come join us!

This is an informal social in a public place..!
There are no agendas, schedules, event managers.. It’s all free-flow!!

We are getting to our spot early (9pm) and `secure’ a bit of space.. so we can hang out.. Come find us (if you are late you may have trouble getting to us through crowds)!

We plan to do a spot of moon magic, some spontaneous singing & chants, light drumming & music perhaps, bless a chalice of wine or two, have cakes..and begin the new year ..with magic woven into all that fireworks!

Where to meet/ tube:

Please get off at Temple (circle / district line) , and walk up to Cleopatra’s Needle (just 5-10 minutes). **Don’t try to get out at Embankment..(tube) it’ll be very busy.. and there;ll be fences and crowd..**

What to bring:

Wear flower crowns, and other nice pagan magical things.. 🙂
NO sharp objects!
Your own snacks & drinks
Wear warm & water proof clothing
Be prepared to stand around and have fun for 3+ hrs .. and be prepared to face lots of crowd ..and then travel home in night buses and late trains..

Good News? We’ve been to central London for New Year fire works.. Nearly all the people in the streets are in a jovial, fun social mood..
THAT is magic!!
And we’ll be part of that..and add to it!!


facebook event page


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