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Psychology of Parties

We’ve all been to parties – school parties, house parties, hen-parties, stag-parties, office parties, fancy-dress parties, fetish ones, gothic ones, formal ones, open ones,  private ones,  weddings, clubs, even funerals ..launch parties for books & films and so on.

What happens there is a complex mix of interactions between people – ones who organise, ones for whom it is organised, ones who attend, ones who are invited, ones who gate-crash (sneakily attend without invitation!). Complex but a goldmine for psychologists and observers (yes, they attend too!).

Some years ago, in my Transpersonal Psychology & Counselling training course, we spent a whole weekend (a full saturday & sunday) studying the psychology of parties- and then we had a party on the evening at the end of it. Yeah, how’s that for a bit of mental work-out?  We had all just learnt all the many things..  and yet, we just observed ourselves undergoing behavior patterns – exactly as the psychology predicts!

That’s the beauty of psychology – knowing it doesn’t make one exempt from it!   The people who think they know so much that they can control their own behaviors and hide from other people’s observations (or worse, manipulate other people’s behavior) are just kidding themselves – because other Psychologists can spot  patterns miles away – unless of course they themselves are either very drunk or very drugged up or just too busy in other amorous activities!

 Firstly,  a party that is organised by someone for whatever reasons or causes – is all about the person organising it. It is all about them!  Not a bad thing at all, but am just saying. It can be to feel-good about their self, their life and it’s achievements, celebration, marking an event, making a political statement etc. And everyone else is there to willingly support that person(s) at the heart of the party!

But of course, everyone who attends is doing so ..inwardly..  for themselves!  They attend on the front to support the cause or person, but each attendee has at least one or more personal agenda(s).   To make friends, to show off their own achievements, to procure support for their own causes and ventures, wheeling & dealing, networking,  seducing others, building empires of their own, plot to destroy other empires & groups & business et are all personal motivations.  And each person attending makes so much effort to look good and presentable in a way they plan – even the shambolic `I am a rebel and I don’t dress-up’ type is doing so to make that point. If they did not attend, they can not make that statement- can they?

Some business people spend a large part of their operational hours in parties & socials, or even organising them. It is not for the purpose of spending their hard earned wealth. But rather, it is to create opportunities of interactions, where in what appears to be a social tone, business transactions & agreements can take place much easily!  Product launches, Fashion shows, Art Exhibitions, Fundraiser events, High-end Auctions & biding are example where this type of interactions take place.

This brings another important perspective – to make a statement or show off or serve the self, each person needs an audience or an arena. They either create their own arenas elsewhere, or attend another person’s arena (party) and hi-jack part of it, or do both! Even the rebellious people attend other people’s parties – because they require this arena. And in attending someone else’s arena, they are coming within the sphere of influence of the organiser. This may sit uncomfortably with the rebels, but they put up with this, as it affords them a new set of audience! This is one reason why we often find opponents of politics or some other ventures still attend their opponent’s party.  And the one inviting his or her opponent does not like to do so, as it is as good as letting their own empire be used, but not inviting an opponent can send the message that the organiser is weak. So it goes on.

In normal domestic parties (and the notorious Office party at Christmas!), people tend to have different and personal agendas. There  it is one of befriending co-workers whom they have fancied or admired from afar for months! Befriending or in some cases, seducing – for the purpose of either starting a long or short sexual encounters!  One-night stands and heart-aches the week after…usually! Here a dangerous type operates – one who stalks others and waits for an opportune moment of vulnerability on their `prey’s part!  Here alcohol, cigarettes and drugs play a role too.

There is of course the case of using alcohol or recreational drugs to `get under the influence’ . Often, the user is willingly letting this happen – either allowing someone else to supply them with excessive substance, or the user  just consumes the alcohol/drugs that they themselves have a direct access to.  Reasons and motivations vary – to relax and switch off their minds, to gain some self-confidence,  to shake off personal responsibility (and afterwards blame their potential wild behaviors on the substance), to forget personal troubles, or just to loose themselves for a few hours!

These are of course extreme observations and examples of behaviors found it parties, and any sort of celebratory gatherings!  The purpose of this blog is not to criticize or condemn anyone, as many of us have at one point or other done one or more of these. But it is a reminder to us all, that Parties are not as care-free as we like to think. In many cases, parties are extremely hard work  (and am not even referring to the behind-the-scene organizing).

People attend with one thought in mind – and more often than not- people surface with other issues which can take days, weeks or months to process and accept. For example, a one-night stand at a party can either lead to a long term relationship, or an unwanted pregnancy that traumatic changes the lives of the two people and perhaps their friends too.  A casual encounter can lead to a fantastic business deal or venture, or careless disclosure can expose privacy and confidential issues, and potentially bring down a group, a business or an empire of sort!

Next time you attend a party – have a thought, then have a drink, and enjoy the psychology of it all 🙂


ps. I must acknowledge the late Maureen Brown, Psychologist and Counselor for her teachings in this area!

Bewitching London: Brooms, Pentagrams & Olympic Torches

On Saturday 21st July 2012, the Olympic Torch came to London! That was 3-4 days ago.

Since then it’s been carried by hundreds of individuals in a relay, along a clockwise direction around London, starting from the East, heading south, west, and eventually back to East part of London by 26th July.  And on Friday 27th July, it will be transported (not in a relay but by vehicles) to furthest west point of London- to Hampton Court, and be carried on the Queen’s Jubilee river Thames, to Tower Bridge.. before being taken to the Olympic Stadium for official launch ceremony!

This whole journey of of high esoteric interest to me.

Way back in 2005, being a practitioner of Magic & Wicca, I had the idea of doing a `London-Circle’ magically. (If others had done it before then, I didn’t know about it).  I had been interested in Earth-Magic -working with the land directly. So with the help of my partner April, and my friend Reggie, I set off to do a series of magical `circles’ around London.

We did the following on 3 separate occasions:

  1. Take a home made Witche’s Broom, in the Circle Line (Tube network) and sat in it for a whole circuit around London.  That took us about 90 minutes. It was our way of `sweeping London’ with a magic broom! Once completed, we took it straight to a PF London open ritual (Yule ritual, in early December).
  2. Trace the shape of a pentagram over London, by travelling (in public transport) from point to point, as if we were drawing a pentagram.  This was easier said than done. For example, imagine travelling by shortest tube possible, from Greenwich (South-East point) to Wembley (North-west point) and so on. We started in a woods in the North London, around 10am and ended the pentagram by about 11pm that night! That was just April & me – just travelling (and having short lunch and evening meal breaks in local cafe/ pub).
  3. Finally, we got in a car, lit a consecrated candle, and took it for a drive around the whole of the M25 – starting from the Southern point, clockwise, back to the South. And at the quarter points, we got out of the car to get on the road side, and `call a quarter’ (as Pagans do in a magic circle).  It was a tough act towards the end..  with the large pillar candle so full of melted liquid wax, that every shake of the car threatened to flood the candle-flame out with liquid wax. But we made it. This was done after traffic time in the evening an took about 3+ hours.  It was actually New year’s eve, and the idea was to then take the candle (still lit) to Trafalgar square/ Thames side for the evening fire works/ celebrations. However, we gave that idea up, and took the incense sticks we had been burning, to central London.

Earlier today, I watched the Torchbearers take it past my local area – around 2.15pm along the streets of Sutton.  And the recent taking of the Olympic Torch around London in a clockwise direction reminded me of the old magical works I had done back in December of 2005.

It is interesting, that the final relay of the Olympic Torch takes it along the river Thames. A flame on the water – opposite elements! The flame arrived n London on the last day of Sun in Cancer (astrological water sign and home of the Moon), and is now gong through London as the Sun travels through the first third section of Leo – a fire sign and home of the Sun! So the flame is in it’s astrological element now.

It is as if – intentionally or unintentionally, London is being consecrated by the flame, and a circle is being cast around it!  Despite all the commercialism of the Olympics, it is nevertheless no ordinary flame. It is one lit by a Priestess of Apollo temple in Greece!  So there was already magic to begin with!  I believe this will change London- not just the economical or political landscapes as everyone expects, predicts and hopes – but on a much deeper magical and spiritual level. When everything else has faded away, the magic will remain – below the surface of the `London Collective’ (and Tamesa!)

Personally, am planning a few magical workings of my own..  starting with a special Flame watch social on 27th July in the morning, followed by a bit of magical working nearby..


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Corn-Kings, Dictators & Lammas Principles

Lammas is one of the 8 agricultural festivals celebrated by modern pagans – in the UK, Europe, America and other countries where pagan practices are observed (and growing).

What’s Lammas? Agriculturally? Magically? What does it mean for the non-pagans.. and for the world at large? These are questions I have asked myself – for being a pagan doesn’t mean socialising and caring for other pagans, but for the whole world- Paganism is all about nature worships, and nature in my book includes all on Earth!

Corn King mask worn at pagan Lammas ritual

Here’s what I wrote about Lammas in my Witchcraft and Magic website for the festival section:

“All that rise shall fall again.. says the popular pagan poetry! The newborn Sun-child of Yule has grown to be a rampant and playful youth and lover at Spring, committed man and husband at Beltane and responsible Sun-King at Midsummer. And at the time of Lammas, at the height of his supreme power, the King steps down- or rather gives up his life force to the land! This is harvest time in the fields, where Corn and other such grain are harvested. John Barleycorn is `baked’ and sacrificed. In God mythology, the God willingly gives himself up and the Goddess cuts him down, so that his blood may feed the land. Though it may sound alarmingly gruesome, this is to be seen in terms of symbolism, and not actual! The spilling of his blood is in fact the falling of the grains and seeds to the ground, that they may produce next year’s crops! Just as the fallen seed sleeps safely within the soil, till winter passes and next spring, so the spirit of the Lammas-King enters the underworld.”


So effectively, Pagans celebrate the first Harvest of the crops (agricultural)..  harvest of the Corn and wheat!   And traditionally, the first cut of the corns is kept, woven into a Corn-dolly and kept in the house as a symbol, and at the start of the following year’s farming preparations, it is ploughed back into the fields. Thus the energy is returned to the farmland/ field.

In magical rituals, traditionally, one person takes on the role of the `Corn-King’ , and is invoked with those energies, revered, celebrated, and at the culmination of magical ceremony amidst songs and dance- symbolically cut down as a Willing Sacrifice. No, not in the style of some hollywood horror movie. But a designated Priestess (representing the Earth) passes a sickle or knife across the neck (symbolic!!) and the `Corn-King’ falls gently to the ground (in a dramatic way!) He is then covered up by a cloth, and all dance around and `mourn’ the passing of the Corn-King, and his willing sacrifice. Towards the end of the ritual, he is `resurrected’  (pagans don’t like to leave an enacting person `dead’ !)  This is ritual drama – that is all. Cutting off the head, releases the energy of the Corn king, which is needed to replenish the land once more!


But many years ago, I was having a dialogue with the late Maureen Brown (High Priestess) on these matters, and she discussed the idea of `Every man giving  (not giving up, but giving) his life-forces – the ability to create life. Yes we are talking about the sperms! There are impulses within all biological beings to procreate. But there are also primal instincts of self-preservation. To procreate one must choose to let go of some of those self-preservation instincts – because the Offspring born will eventually grow and rise, to challenge his/her father (parental figure). The next generation can not truly be free until the previous one lets go. The great Oak must fall, so that the acorn in it’s shadow can see new light and grow. The genetic material goes on (in the Offspring), but not the biological entity (father).

So for a man, the sacrifice is the letting go of his life-force, in favour of  his off-spring.  The `corn’   must be cut down, so that its seeds can fall to the ground and crate he next generation of crops. The corn holds the mystery.  And a man must let go of his seeds, so that they may create the offspring. This is the deeper male mystery that many have become oblivious to!    It has been known that in private & personal  magical Lammas rituals,  some Male priests have symbolically `offered’ their owns seeds to the Earth. As we all know, magic can be done with all sorts of body fluids – blood, sweat, urine, and of course sperms!

KINGS & DICTATORS – a special case

On a communal, world front, the Lammas principle is all about someone who has been in power – and serving the land and people- stepping down willingly his or her time has come!) – so that another one who has proved him/her self may take the place of the Ruler!

There is such a thing as holding on to power for it’s own sake – something Dictators are well known for doing!   They do not step down – for whatever reason, and te land and it’s people suffer under such dictatorial rules.  So unless old age, illness or some accident removes those dictators from power – naturally – it is left up to the People ..and rebellions to rise, and over-throw the Dictator!  (In democratic places, this would be some sort of referendum, public poles, elections etc, and in non-democratic countries, this often is outright civil unrest, rebellions, even warped rebellion which is terrorism of groups fighting against tyranny of their own government or rulership!  Here the Robin_hood principle comes into play!)

There are some special cases of people in power – even the `good ones’- holding on to their reign for so long. One must wonder if it is because of fear of their successor not doing a good job, or if it is pure ego.  One example of this that I can see is the Royalty in England at the moment!!

The reluctant King who does not step down – is not limited to royalty, but to other politicians, presidents, military leaders, Board of Directors in Companies, Media bosses…and even community leaders!  Anyone who stays past their time in a position of power and authority of serving or ruling is simply.. tempting the natural order to step in..  and Lammas principle to enter their lives. And it will happen, sooner or later!  (This will happen to all of us, in our own realms and communities, in whatever power and positions we each hold. That must not be forgotten. And yes, I am aware of it. It is why I tend to step down from certain things when I feel my time has come.. and I start to do that quite a few months before Lammas!  That is my way of working this energy!  )

So every time pagans re-enact a Lammas ritual, the cutting down of the Corn King- we are in fact enforcing and strengthening this magical principle – for I have realised, that is how we the people of the land rule and govern our Kings and Dictators – by magic!

In Magic, we trust!



Disruptive aggression of Uranus-opposition-Mars (19July’12)

Chances are- you are already feeling the effects of this particular astrological aspect!   It’s probably come out of old brewing issues, but has exploded from the depths, to the conscious mind within the last few days..or even last 12 hours!

The opposition of Mars against Uranus is taking place in the early hours of tomorrow (19th July’12).  2:55hrs GMT to be exact (3:55hrs British summer time). Mars is a planet symbolising war, assertiveness, aggression, initiative of new ideas/ actions..  and rules the sign of Aries.  Uranus is one that rules Aquarius, and has the effect of creating humanitarians, innovations, freedom …but in its disruptive form, causes rebelliousness, overt eccentricity and possibly even terrorism! (humanitarian rebellious ideals gone too far!)

So a show-down between these two planets is not going to sit easy in anyone’s life!! Especially for Aries, Aquarians andLibrans.  Why Librans? Well, Mars is currently in the sign of Libra.  What’s actually (astrologically_) traumatising is the act that Uranus is in the sign of Aries..  the home of Mars. So from a Mars point of view, it’s as if you were out on a world tour (of the Zodiac) while you get a long term visitor staying in your home, and suddenly, they are having fights and arguments with you over distance – phone or e-mails or even through other mediums.   Ah, I almost forgot about Mercury – planet of communication …currently going retrograde! So, what ever miscommunications can happen…will happen. And that’s not good for people involved in aggressions and rebellions!

Feelings of violence can escalate – so would a sense of your own eccentricity and individualities.

This really is a difficult time..   My advise?   Try to step away from it all…just for 24 hours..  read a book, watch tv, write a blog or two :-p


Comparison: Self-Help Book vs Apprentice Course

Yes, I know.  I myself have and am writing several self-help books (Eclipse Magic!), as well as  running Apprentice Course (e-Witch). I did a personal comparison, to explain the benefits to my clients/students online. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave your comments. Thanks. -mani

Self-Help Book  vs An Apprentice Course

What’s the difference?

 There are thousands of Self-Help & How-To books on the market, and there are a few hundred Apprentice-style courses!  What’s the difference? After all, don’t they both tell the reader what to do certain things and how to do them??  And why should you opt for an Apprentice course/ training rather than a Self-Help book? I answer these below.

Self-Help Course / Book Apprentice Course / Training
It’s a One-off Buy. Often there is a series of modules.


You have no contact with the Author / tutor. You have regular contact with author / tutor.


No contract between student & tutor. A `contract’ exists between student & tutor (even if it is a loose `understanding’ in some cases).


Student is on his / her own from start to finish. Student has reliable and guaranteed mentorship from start to finish.


Occasionally student can contact author. Reply is one-off. Regular communication from student is `expected’ by tutor, and planned in. Author/ tutor is committed to addressing student’s learning challenges  – no limits.


Student is 100% responsible for planning & managing own training by following the Book. Tutor takes up to 50% responsibility for planning and managing the student’s training.


Student may pick and chose chapters / modules (our of order it is intended). Student is highly encouraged to follow the steps / modules in correct sequence for deeper and progressive development.


Often Shot term design. Quick-fix results. Student may rush learning. Longer term commitment serves better results. Training designed to embed learning deeper through experiential approach.


Linear subject-matter training. One area at a time is targeted for training. Parallel subject-matter training. Many areas & skills are developed gradually.


Student trusts self. Student is asked to trust the Tutor’s judgement, even on matters that may be  counter-intuitive.
Parts of the course may fulfil the student’s immediate need. Rest of the course often left unfinished. Aims to fulfil the long-term needs of the student, even though short-term needs my not seem fulfilled. Tutor contact motivates students to stick to full course.


No bond between student & author/ tutor. Long term bonds develop between student & tutor / author.


Total fee low. Student pays for information, and step by step instruction. Collected fee higher, as student pays for Value,  Experience & time of the Tutor. Training program will change and evolve to suit the Student’s unique learning needs!


Many authors offer this. Fewer authors / tutors offer such 1-2-1 commitment over longer terms.

Safety tips to avoid spams

Hi all,  lately, I’ve been getting so many spam e-mails …from my friends’ accounts.   Sad that their accounts have gotten hacked..   and it makes me protect my own accounts even more.

As they say..  your account getting hacked is not just a possibility..but a certainty.  It’s a matter of when!   (I got hacked a number of years ago..  PC was so corrupted..I lost 3-4 years of work..  Then started to back up everything…and also every year, invested in a proper firewall software!)

So here are some personal tips that I myself have thought about and think is valuable.   Ya know what..I have made these mistakes myself..and have learnt from them..  🙂

Be safe!

here are some steps I thought would be useful for us all:
(Not all these will be applicable to all).

1.  Keep your firewall & virus-protection softwares installed AND regularly (almost daily) updated. Hundreds of new trojan & viruses are created and released by hackers every day – for fun or to exploit or to make a statement.

2.  When using your own mobile devise (phones, ipads, e-book readers, blackberry etc)…and accessing the internet / e-mails/ social networks…from cafe’s, shops, global hot-spots, wi-fi etc in shopping centres etc… be very careful. Anyone with a half-decent scanning software can intercept and copy your codes/passwords.. !

3.  When actually using other computers – in shops, cafe’s, work-places… where you are using another computer on an open network, becareful. If you can, avoid using external computers to check your private e-mails.. and if you must, clear the browser of your browsing history/cookies/ passwords [some external networked computers don’t allow this…in which case you are bug***d!]

4. Always log in and LOG-OUT from any online e-mail and social network systems …after using them for the moment. [**even if it is your own home computer!**] This is where people go wrong more than half the time. Yahoo, hotmail, googlemail..etc and twitter/facebook are all online log-in sites that work on a browser software – such as internet explorer / netscape or Google chrome!
– The point is, longer you have your account logged in…more exposed your account is for hackers to have a go…and sooner or later ..they will crack it. (Applies when you log in to use it, then go off to watch tv, take a shower, cook, have long phone calls… or just leave it on and go out for the day..).
-It doesn’t matter if you have the best firewall… log-out when you have finished. Re-logging takes a few key-strokes and few seconds…but saves your account!!

5. Protect your self…and you are protecting your friends! Remember, in your address book, there may be many hundreds of e-mail lists. One vulnerable account can expose hundreds of other people’s accounts!

6. When sending mass e-mails to people, groups,….please `blind carbon copy’ (Bcc) all their e-mails.. so each person on that list knows it’s coming from you…but can not know who else you copied it to. And if their account gets hacked, they can’t expose all those other people.. (bit like witchcraft.. don’t expose your friends to the world).

7. Don’t buy cheap virus/firewall software… Get a decent one like..Norton or McAfey etc.. And regardless of what other `experts (?)’ say, don’t upload a free firewall..from the internet. Nothing in the world is truly free. Chances are those free softwares have some flaws, or don’t have support or daily updates. So they become out of date from the moment you start using them!!

8. If you see a strange e-mail, with no subject matter …or one that does not seem relevant, DON’T open it.. and if you have to open it… don’t click on any links!

9. Finally, Spammers are even setting up very clever paypal/bank/e-bay like domain names (with just one tiny spelling change…which on a quick look …seems like the genuine thing).
example: has an extra i at the end..which can seem like your eye is splaying you ignore it. Those mails ask you to check your account…`because of a security issue’ etc (very clever in panicking you!). If you just HOVER over the link they show, you can see…on the bottom of the browser..what that link really is. This is because anyone can type a link address.. but put a real link to go somewhere else (often to a spam/harvest site).
Here’s an example is a web address..but I have put a link in it to actually go to my blog (where this safety guide is also blogged). (just click it and you’ll see! 🙂
Spammers and hackers are 1000 times more clever than this!

Take care


Teaser- Olympic issue of Gaian Times eco-magazine

Teaser- Olympic issue of Gaian Times eco-magazine

Here’s a teaser cover of the August issue of Gaian Times- features articles include `Promethian Legacy: The Olympian God who brought fire to mankind; Paganism in the 25th Century; Disability-Bionics & Paganism…and more!

Cover features Promethius bringing the secret of fire and giving it to Gaia, and about to suffer the wrath of Zeus.

Out on 4th August 2012.

Midsummer & Stonehenge Conflicts

The Sun’s entered the zodiac sign of Cancer..  11.09pm GM on 20th June..  which is 00:09 hrs on 21st June (British Summer Time).

Happy Solstice wishes to all.

These pictures were taken last year, when I went to Stonehenge for Summer Solstice, with my wife April and close pal Marcus. What struck us was the sheer amount of rubbish people were throwing about..  which came to light..once  the mass of crowds had greeted the Sun!

At the entrance, more or less each person is given a bin bag. And yet, out of the 20,000 or more people who turn up, probably about a handful of them actually keep the place tidy, and put rubbish in bin bags.  For our part, April, Marcus & I went around picking rubbish and filling almost 20+ bags, along with the `hired help’ who were also beginning to tidy up after Sun-rise.

Beer cans, bits of food, crisp bags, cigarette buts, plastic bags, glass bottles, clothing items..gooey stuff…you name was all there!  How utterly disgusting!!  We had no gloves, yet were doing our best.

What’s mind boggling is, for 363 of the days of the year, English Heritage keeps the stones off-limits to all people, except those who pay hundreds to hire it in the early hours or late hours – before or after tourist times- for small group personal ceremonies.  No fires, incense, candles…not even flowers are allowed – lest they hard and erode the stones…in those private hires.  Yet, at Summer and Winter Solstices, thousands of people turn up and totally and utterly ABUSE the stones..  from sanding on top to throwing disgusting and dangerous rubbish. And the rest of us – who hold Stonehenge sacred – just have to watch in horror and despair.

Free access to he stones is something people fight for – `It’s our right’ many say. But the English Heritage is trying to protect a `world heritage site’- that is thousands of years old. They oblige the campaigns of pressure groups, Druids, pagans and New Agers – and open it up in a limited basis. And thousands abuse and destroy the stones in that shot window.

I recall, few years ago, when I first saw the horror of the rubbish, and ill-treatment of the place, that I went around the 4 Quarters, and did a `banishing & closing’ energy work. I actually wanted Stonehenge to be closed for public. But the following year, I felt the errors of my despaired and angered emotions, and did a grounding (not that in between anything changed).  I am now just neutral.  Yes, the Stones have been here for thousands of years, and yes hey were sacred and people did magical and spiritual works there..  but perhaps they have had their time…and now Stonehenge wants to truly fall apart, rot and be gone – and so the stones have brought about this  themselves?   Yeah, I know…funny way of looking at it..   – The Stones want to commit Euthanasia.

I’ve been lucky – I’ve been to Stonehenge on a few private early morning gatherings – a wiccan coven ritual, a handfasting.. and so on. And I”ve been to the mass gatherings of winter solstice and a few summer solstices too.

Sometimes we can’t deal with impending loss – of elderly grandparents about to die, or sacred trees slowly dying, or stone circles – that are being ll treated and will fall very soon.. And when we feel that way, sometimes, we cut ourselves off those things that are dear to our hearts – it’s a way of self-preservation …for us!  

And maybe I am going through that now..for the Stonehenge.

My best memory of it-  in the middle of clearing all that rubbish, right in the midst of trampling  drunken abusive condescending crowds, I saw a small bunny rabbit hiding right under the central (fallen) altar stone. I smiled, wished it well and safety..and went on. I know it would have stayed safe, and would have come out, once all the 20,000 of us have left!

Those stones will fall..and become rubble, dust to dust, and grass and bushes and moss will grow..  Nature will win!

Bright Summer Solstice wishes


Ruby Summer Lee – a star is born!

Here’s Ruby Summer Lee.. the Gaian Times mascot.. who was named on 22nd April 2012.. EARTH DAY 🙂

Her own blog is at

Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh

Hi all, I just finished editing this video…of the clips filmed at last year’s Beltane Festival in Edinburgh. – warning> It has nudity in it. Don’t look if you get offended by such things.
That said,..
Beltane is one of the 8 festivals celebrated by Pagans. It is also a fertility festival, where many pagan couples get married.

Visit, and opt-in to get more videos as we make them! Gaian Times Magazine explores the science & Magic of the earth, and features thought-provoking articles in science, psychology, ecology, environment, astrology and social trends. It is a not-for-profit company registered in England & Wales. No: 07515903.

Beltane Fire festival in Edinburgh takes place on the 30th April of each year, organised by Beltane Fire Society (registered charity in Scotland). Visit their website for details. In 2012, they celebrate 25 yrs of running this festival.