Magic & Meditation to stop the killing of Dolphins in Taiji Cove, japan

Dear all,

With permission I am reproducing the following (long) text -from an `Event listing’ in facebook set up by Oephebia  (  )

A number of people (1455+) are doing regular magical visualisation every day (if possible) to help the Dolphins frm afar, as well as all the other means.


———————-copied text begins ————————-

As the killing season has started in the Cove of Taiji (Japan) we need to warn the dolphins, pilot whales and other cetaceans of the grave danger lurking in Taiji.

Some of us have been visualising every night around 8.00 pm (GMT) since 7th September when this event was initially created.
Since the clock went back, we are doing the visualisation at 7.00 pm (GMT).

People from all walks of life, from professional animal communicators, healers, magical people, to people with love in their hearts have sent positive vibes to the dolphins, telling them to swim away from the Japanese coasts, telling them to swim for their lives soon as they heard the fishing boats.

We will continue to do so for the duration of the hunting season.

Also we are sending positive vibes to the fishermen for them to find compassion in their hearts and for them to think about eco-tourism as opposed as killing and slaughter.

This is the written general guide to the visualisation.

I would suggest that you print it out.
There are photos too to help visualise some of the points raised.

Some of us will do a special visualisation (which uses graphic pictures). Obviously one need to be very strong and able to put their own emotions aside in order to do so. It is not for beginners at all.
If you would like to try the special visualisation, please send me (Oephebia) a private message.

As we have people from all over the world, it is not always easy to connect at 8.00 pm UK Time.

Wherever you are, if you could follow the points in the visualisation that we try to convey to the dolphins, it would be superb!

Sending positive thoughts, prayers or burning candles are also welcome, anything positive going to the dolphins in Taiji will add to the pool of energies we are building up in Taiji.

The power of intention is a great force, and if we are all united it may help to save many cetaceans.

Worth trying no?

Animals Can Talk 2 Me

PS: Please feel free to share with your friends, the more people are involved the more powerful the vibes will be.

We need people who can actively try to visualise to help the dolphins. All are welcome from total beginners to “old” hands:-)


This is a link to find out your local time to do the collective visualisation at 7.00 pm GMT (UK time).

This page is to help the cetaceans the best we can. Racist talk against the Japanese people will not be tolerated and will result to a block and report.

Remember we will do a visualisation every night during the hunting season which will end in February/March. Unless we heard news from the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians page that the murdering has stopped.

This is a link to SeaShepher on twitter for the latest info

Melissa Sehgal on twitter

Save the dolphins official monitor page :

Tweets from Save Japan Dolphins:

Save Misty the dolphin’s page :

This page is full of interesting info about Taiji and what is been done to implement change:


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