Wicca Full Moon (astro-blue-moon) outdoor Ritual – 20 August 2013

Wicca full moon rituals in London
Wicca full moon rituals in London

The outdoor Wicca & Witchcraft monthly FULL MOON  Open  Rituals (in London Woods) are re-starting again!    These Wicca Full moon Rituals are ideal for anyone new and interested to Wicca. We will use the ritual format.. This one in August 2013 is an astrological Blue-Moon.. Magical! (that is the 2nd full moon in the same sun-sign..ie Aquarius!).

Key facilitator: Mani Navasothy, Initiated Wiccan High Priest, with over 18 yrs of Wicca, Craft & Coven experiences in one of the key lineages in the UK.


-Preparing space & setting up Altar.
-Run-through (quick explaining of ritual and what’s involved)


-Meditative energy work (chakra or other)
-Opening prayers
-Consecrations with salt/water/ incense
-Casting magic Circle
-Calling elemental quarters
-Energy raising
-Invocations / prayers to Moon Goddess & Horned God
-Magical work
-Cakes & Wine blessing
-Closing & Grounding work
– Feasting, Socialising…

* Facilitators will be happy to answer your questions…after the ritual.

* Sharing of what you experienced is encouraged during social time.

* We ask you keep gossip & political / controversial chit-chats outside of these magical events.. ! Pub moots are good for those kind of chats…not these full moon rituals.

TRAINING Opportunity:
If you attend a few times, you will quickly become familiar with practical format & words.. And after a few visits, you can volunteer to take some of the roles at subsequent rituals.. When that happens, facilitators can help you prepare ..

-Facilitators will be putting on their Robes for the ritual.
-If you have any robes, or ritual cloths (outdoors!) please bring them.
-We will have a few spare robes for new comers to borrow at the event..

We will provide a print out of words / ritual outline .. It is advised that you browse through it, and follow it during run-through..but put it away and watch/ participate in the actual ritual.. Then you can take the print out home and re-read it and fill gaps from memory. This is the best experiential way to learn Wicca!!

We DO NOT allow any filming of ritual..or of people (to protect everyone’s privacy!). Pictures of the Altar may be taken…AFTER the ritual.. You can take photos of yourself with Altar…as long as you don’t photograph other people (even by accident).


– Please CONTACT Organiser (Mani) in advance. A Consultation Fee applies!   [More details on our website  http://www.witchcraftandmagic.org/html/full_moon_wicca_rituals.html )

Venue (may change each time! So please double-check these event listings each time!)

Date: Tuesday 20th August 2013
Venue: Queen’s Woods (Nearest tube: Highgate.. northern line).

Time: Gather outside Woodman’s Pub (front garden. This pub is on the corner between Archway Road (A1) and Muswell Hill Road. Gather by 6.30pm. We’ll walk together to the Woods.. set-up… Ritual 7.30pm-8.30pm. Out of the woods by 9.30pm.

What to bring/ wear:
-Open mind
-Magical or peaceful emotions 🙂
-Some food & drinks to share (bottle of wine or soft drink..or flask of coffee/tea..)
– wear weather-proof clothing & shoes. Weather changes. Do not complain it’s cold./ wet. We dress up wisely always..and we carry on the rituals in whatever weather. So come truly prepared!! (Hey, you are learning outdoor magical work here)

*Fees: £3 voluntary contribution per person (goes towards ritual items.. as well as publicity/ website costs)!   *[Fees revised i in September’13].

Please check our website for future `Wicca full moon rituals’


Blog on Astro-Blue Moon

facebook PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/WiccaWitchcraftandMagic

Website:  www.WitchcraftAndMagic.org


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