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Introducing..Esoteric Enterprises Initiative – for Pagans & magical Entrepreneurs

Proud to present the formal launch of the Esoteric Enterprises Initiative!   

This Introduction video that explains the Aims, Objectives, Networking, Rewards & benefits of this new Gaian Times Social initiative – created mainly for pagans, esoteric practitioners, New Age people, Spiritual &psychics who are looking to create or develop their esoteric business ventures, online presence, products and community services – with a view to wealth-creation for themselves and for their communities.

Interested Pagan & esoteric people can go to the http://www. EsotericEnterprises.co.uk website and do an e-mail Opt-in to receive weekly, fortnightly and monthly bulletins and free tools/ tips on how to build online platforms, internet marketing, social networking, SEO and other techniques for building own enterprises!

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-Mani Navasothy