Solstice 2020: Jupiter-Saturn ConjuncTion of 21st December!

If it ain’t broke, break it anyway (and let Fate fix it!)Some thoughts on the `great conjunction’ !!

So now everyone’s talking about the `great conjunction’ 😛 Folks.. like I’ve e been saying since April’20.. the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions (3 times). and the Jupiter sextile Neptune (3 times) and the Lunar and upcoming Solar Eclipses in Sagittarius ….have ALLL been working the energies through out this year.. leading to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on Solstice day 21st December.. in the sign of Aquarius (literally few days after both planets move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius) .

Jupiter Conjuncts Saturn in sign of Aquarius on Winter Solstice Day 21st December 2020. Astrology forecast/ graphics (c) Mani Navasothy –

This is not an `isolated’ event.. It’s the culmination of a longer story… and the beginning of a new epic!

People have been talking about the age of Aquarius since the 60’s.Well.. here at last.. 2020 is the year that broke all that’s gone before.. globally.. like a world war.. without an actual war.. ! In many ways it’s been worse than WW.. Not in terms of death tolls.. but in terms of the deeper fear and restrictions.. At least during wars we could hug our loved ones.. be with them.. But this?!!

Jupiter expands horizon.. deepens spirituality.. brings Justice .. Saturn structures, teaches lessons, limits and holds and lays foundations for long term future.

And this is happening for the first time in modern history.. in Aquarius.. one that governs shocks, surprises, rebellions, radicals, innovations and humanity.

They say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But what if it’s like bones all set the wrong way..? Doctors have to break the affected bones in a controlled manner, to reset it and grow strong again. That’s what the breakdown of 2020 has been about!How we were all set was no longer good.. So it all needed breaking.. so we can mend and heal the right way forward..

I digress.. I’d urge all to look at the whole year as preparation for this conjunction to get the full story. ‘cos it’s not just about to happen.. It’s been building up.. 🙂

And in the last 2 weeks, the energy has been `quickening’.. Surely you’ve all been feeling it ?!


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Eclipse Magic Workbook World’s first esoteric book exclusively dealing with Eclipse Magic. Written/published by Mani Navasothy – Wiccan High Priest (published in 2012 on Amazon and author’s websites)

Introduction to Tarot (online 2-evenings Course)

This is a 2-evening Introduction Course in Tarot – intended for anyone with some or no experience of reading tarot. Learn preparations, attunement, meaning of major & minor carcan cards; basic spreads- divination readings; safety and etiquettes and of course ritual magical use of tarot.

*This is an online live-video course.
Numbers are kept very small for better teaching & learning experience (5 students only per course). so please book early to avoid disappointments.

Course Content ——-

–How to connect and care for your cards : Selecting / buying, cleansing, tuning in, storing storing
– Introductory Pathworking taking you into the realm of Tarot.
-Introduction to the form of Tarot – major arcanas; minor arcanas; court cards;
-Elements and symbols in Tarot- The 4 suits have 4 elements (Pentacles, Cups, swords, wands). we connect to Elements and their symbolism; we also look at some other key symbols in magic that weave through the imagery of Tarot.
– Major Arcana – one by one we’ll look at all of the 22 cards – these are the major life processes and shifts.
-Minor arcana – 40 suit cards and their meanings in a reading. everything from beginning a process, to struggles, apprenticeship, heart aches, arguments, rest, rejoice, relationship…all are there!
-16 Court cards – who they represent.
-Exploration of popular Tarot Spread.- How to do simple readings; How to have personal dialogues with your cards.
-Magical & ritualistic use of Tarot cards
-Reader / Querent etiquettes and ethics- when reading for other people.

Course dates:
This course takes place over 2 evenings.
Session 1: Monday 7th December 2020 (7.00pm to 9.30pm)
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Best wishes

-Mani Navasothy

Introduction to Tarot (online 2-evenings Course)

Monday, Dec 7, 2020, 7:00 PM

Online event

7 Woodland Witches Attending

This is a 2-evening Introduction Course in Tarot – intended for anyone with some or no experience of reading tarot. Learn preparations, attunement, meaning of major & minor carcan cards; basic spreads- divination readings; safety and etiquettes and of course ritual magical use of tarot. *This is an online live-video course. Numbers are kept very sm…

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Coven Loyalties: How many covens can you join? ( vlog by Mani- Wiccan High Priest)

Initiatory Wiccan covens have `rules’ or hidden protocols and boundaries. Not all are written down, but they are taught and passed on to new trainees and new initiated Witches who join covens. But some trainees & initiates, knowingly or unaware, breach these boundaries. Not just them, but even some Coven leaders are prone to smudging the lines.. fostering confusion with initiates. In my 25 year experience in The Craft (Wicca), either directly (my own initiate) or indirectly (other covens), I have seen these breaches occur. It has often led to disharmony, conflicts of loyalty, and even spelt the end of Covens, relationships and friendships.

When a trainee of mine recently asked me if s/he could continue to be part of another magical group …after having a wiccan initiation (from me!) I was reminded of this issue and thought it must be talked about, and addressed. So that all can be educated. Many things could have been addressed in this video.. but it’s a spontaneous informal video-blog.. not professional lecture. So do watch this, and take its message to heart ..!

Bright Blessings.


Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest

Spellcraft for Beginners – online course Friday 13th November 2020

Spellcraft for Beginners – online (zoom video) course facilitated by Mani Morningstar & Freya Witch – initiated Wiccans of the Gardnerian Tradition of the Craft. We have been running Spellcraft courses outdoors (in woods) and indoors (Atlantis Bookshop) for many years. Now with circumstances making us stay indoors, we’re designing this Beginners course to be held online. And for the first time, we are adding the Craft of doing Herbs & Oils in spells, to our existing line up of teaching you the basics of magic with Candles, sigils, cords & knots! (Rune magic is now one of our special extended course in its own right).

You’ll learn about 3 different techniques of doing ritual magic for your self. Using candles for magic, using Cords & knots for magic and using a selection of Herbs & Oils.

Mani will give an introduction to different types of spellcraft , and take you through the basics of candle-magic, colour correspondences, preparations, what sigils/ symbols to use. He will also cover cord magic (using knots on cords).

Freya Witch will introduce you to working with herbs & oils, give explanations, and then talk you through 2 actual spells that combine easy to obtain herbs & oils – and show you how to do a protection spell, and Banishing spell.

Friday 13th November 2020.

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Spellcraft for Beginners -online course

Friday, Nov 13, 2020, 9:00 PM

Online event

15 Woodland Witches Attending

Spellcraft for Beginners – online (zoom video) course facilitated by Mani Morningstar & Freya Witch – initiated Wiccans of the Gardnerian Tradition of the Craft. We have been running Spellcraft courses outdoors (in woods) and indoors (Atlantis Bookshop) for many years. Now with circumstances making us stay indoors, we’re designing this Beginners co…

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Blue Moon Samhain (Halloween 2020)

Blue Moon Samhain (Halloween) :

31st October 2020 is a Blue moon (2nd full moon in same month).
1st October – Full Moon in Aries (21:06 hrs GMT)
31st October – Full Moon in Taurus (14:49hrs GMT
Note: On 31st October, there is a Sun-opposition-Uranus aspect around 15:53 hrs. This is a stressful aspect that requires opposing energies to be balanced or reach a compromise.
As the full moon happens an hour before this aspect, it will most likely bring up additional tensions, stress and issues that day/ evening.

Astro-Alert : Hi & Lows Forecast for 6th – 31st October 2020

AstroAlert : Next 2-4 weeks of Lows & Highs.. Stresses & Joys ! (6th Oct- 31st Oct). Warning not pulling my astro-punches or soft peddling this. So here we go.

Early tomorrow (7th oct) Mercury opposes Uranus. May be stressful for Gemini and Aquarius.. also secondary stress for Scorpios (as mercury in Scorpio. ..) and to Taurus. Then on Friday (9th) afternoon Mars squares Pluto. .Aries, Scorpios, and Capricorns will be feeling very intense and afflicted by that. So between this evening to close of Friday it’s going to be difficult.
Sadly that’s not all.

Here are other difficult aspects and signs affected by them.. (ie the signs ruled by those planets).

  • On 11th.. sun squares Jupiter (Leo, Sagittarius).
  • On 14th Mercury retrograde starts (for 3 weeks till 3rd November… Affects Gemini and Scorpios). Same day, Sun opposes Mars (Leo Aries).
  • On 18th. Double stress ..sun square Saturn (Leo capricorn) & Venus opposite Neptune (Taurus library Pisces ),
    -On 19th Mars- squares- Jupiter 🙁 Not a good one for Aries, Sagittarians..or any of us.. as 2 fiery planets are wrangling. It’s like fuse in a tank of gas! (on the same day there’s a very good Venus/Jupiter aspect, and hopefully that will ease the tensions and avoid the explosion.. or channel it into a passionate time.. rather than a destructive one).
  • On 20th. Retro-Mercury opposes Uranus (2nd time .. .because of retrograde motion).
    [Generally 17th to 20th is a build up if stressful energy).
  • 31st – Full moon in Taurus… and also a stressful Sun opposition to Uranus. (Leos, Aquarians will have to endure some stress and reach compromises.. or this will be just too damn disruptive).
    After 20th. No major stressful aspects for 10 days (thank god ) but full moon on 31st will intensify everything as we head closer to that. There’s also Yes it’s `blue moon’ – 2nd full moon in same month. That’s just psychological.. as astrologically it has no relevance.

So basically next 14 days is just hard, mad, bad ..and sad. I’d say, keep the Faith. Stay calm. Don’t over react . Don’t make fast decisions. Slow it down and process issues and trust that it will be all fine ..This after all is really what being tested in our faith is all about. 💚💫

Now for some GOOD NEWS : 🙂 (Do I ever just give you bad news?)

There are good powerful positive aspects going on too..
-On 11th, Venus trines Uranus (Good for Taureans, Libras, Aquarians, and for Virgos).
-On 12th, Jupiter sextles Neptune (3rd time this year).. Brilliant for Sagittarians, Pisceans, Capricorn. On the Same day, Mercury sextiles Venus (more good stuff for Gemini, Taureans, Libras).
-On 13th Mars has closest approach to Earth (Mars currently retrograding).. Might be just intense…but that fiery energy can be put to good creative use!
-On 19th – Venus trines Jupiter ( good for Taurus, Libra & Sagittarians.. These are 2 most beneficial planets forming a most beneficial aspect. Its good for everyone.. (but bear in mind on that day a mars-square-Jupiter also going on and next day Mercury opposes Uranus.. so those other stresses might `seem’ to cloud the positive.. Just tune into the positive.. don’t get lost in the negative and loose a brilliant opportunity for harnessing the venus-jupiter energy!
-On 21st, Venus -trines Pluto.. and its after the 2 weeks of stress.. so that’s going to be welcoming energy of love, power, healing, transformations, passions 😉
-On 24th, Venus trines Saturn.. Oh my. Again. Love, friendships & relationships, artistry, long term stability are highlighted. Bear in mind Saturn only recently went direct ( after months of giving us retrograde trouble).. So now this is starting to heal, fix and strengthen matters.
-On 25th, Sun conjuncts retro-Mercury. In many ways that’s going to be positive. old issues might have positive changes, approaches or resolutions. [Generally 24/25th have good energies overall].

With so much going on.. and October being sandwiched between 2 Full moons, and the coming of a full moon-Samhain.. heads and hearts are spinning wildly and chaotically.. day to day..!

One suggestion is to focus on your spirituality, go deep, clear out doubts and dross. Focus on Creativity and use the dynamic energies being stirred up by all the aspects.. rather than let them become destructive. We must Keep working on healing our selves, not let the Devil (shadows & fears) in us dance with inflated ego as its dancing partner. Strengthen our core.. Otherwise, we just get buffeted by everyday winds storms and shit.. and be loose our minds and keep old emotional wounds alive .. It does not serve anyone or the future.

I often talk about Faith.. Doesn’t matter what God or goddess you honour and worship. Sometimes the strength is in just surrendering to the divine.. with prayer and worship.. and calling on trusted energies like Angels.. They all help.

Stellar Blessings
-Mani Navasothy
Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest.

Our psyche in knots: Remembering & releasing our Dead .!

Our psyche in knots: Remembering & releasing our Dead .!

Moon in Cancer today… so it’s not surprising to see some posts here from few friends.. someone’s father died few days ago and she is having an astral farewell. someone else is suddenly remembering her mother passed away 4 years ago this time. And someone else is trying not to remember when their mother passed away.. around this time.

All these are painful.. and those memories stay deep within our psyche, getting buried deeper and deeper each passing year.. and causing the individuals discomfort, trauma, inner pains…. if they are not `opened up’ and eased, faced and released.. !

Am not at all being all `wise’ or `preachy’ . I know this pain very well. After my father died in a road accident, I went into some denial mode ..(slotting into `man of the family’ mode). Gave up University residence..moved back home .. The first 2 years were fine.. then my University grades started to drop..fails..repeats.. even an actual kind-out. I was not into parties, no relationship during the entire university time.. Just small stuff.. fitness, writing novels, painting.. yet life went down down down.. I missed my father much (though the end of his year was not good at home.. fights etc due to his flaws). But so many regrets.. I’d look at this funeral photos regularly and privately..(would not show it to mum or sisters but I’d be reliving it.. again and again).

This went on for almost 5-10 years!!Through it all, my spirituality took a dive. I became anti-religious.. then suicidal due to all my educational failures.. and somehow pulled through and found pagan spirituality.. and life started a positive upward spiral.. (and here we are).

I recall a point where I said enough was enough..and sealed his photos.. threw away some of his small precious possessions..(Only kept his broken wrist watch that had stopped at the time of his crash/ death and one ball point pen.. that I had placed in his hands for a short while in his coffin! Oh believe be I got dark in those years that people can not imagine.. After seeing some tribal film, I even thought I might drink his ashes in water!)

My Life only took off for me, after I released my father’s death from my psyche. I had thought to finish his life’s work.. his scholarly studies.. his Phd.. but then finally chose that I have my own work..and life to live.

In case people don’t know.. I was 5 years old when I saw my grandfather pass away.. and while his body was in the house for few days in a open coffin.. I lived in that house.. and played as a boy. My uncles and aunt kept me busy (mother was far away having just had my 2nd sister and was with her parents.. Father was busy with whatever her needed to do.. I only remember my uncles and aunt keeping me busy those days..)

Since then I have seen many relatives pass away before me.. As priest, I’ve even performed `pasing rites’ to terminally ill comatose loved ones.. and they then passed within hours.

As much as I don’t like to.. death defines my life.. (and this is perhaps why when it comes to do Dark Lord / veil stuff in pagan rituals for autumn/ samhain.. my energy clicks in fast and deeper than anything else).

I chose few years ago to click into Life.. and only `open up’ the Dark Lord energy in me at very specific seasonal times.. And as The Doctor (who) once said, `the name we choose is a promise we make to be who we are’…. and it’s no coincidence that the name I have currently on facebook (Mani Morningstar) is chosen for this time.. I may keep it or I may change it in a few months.. we’ll see how far I need to work that energy ..for my self and for the world. I don’t preach ..well I do..but with a lot of explanations.. like this one, so people know where I am coming from.. Not from a metal egocentric place of power and control.. but from a heartspace of compassion, empathy and love to want to help others in inner-turmoil.

If I can help.. I will do my best.Even if I or anyone else can’t help you.. YOU should go deep within.. (like the late Maureen helped me do in pathworkings and meditations back in 2001-02) to those key issues of loss of a parent.. and face them.. and resolve them. (I once cut of the head of my own father in a pathworking.. That was not malicious.. it was resolving a sub-personality or an energy that had consumed me for so long).

so take what you `Will’ from this.. and make your inner-samhain journeys… Don’t let the beloved-Dead sleep long within you and leach your energies and powers and live as zombies and vampires within your psyche. Let them go with love and light.. to the divine.It frees your heart to love again.. your self..and others. ❤


-Mani Navasothy

video: LBRP- Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram – Introduction & Full easy demonstration

The LBRP – Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram – is a ceremonial piece of magic performed at the start of any major magical work. It’s aim is to clear / banish *all* energies from a particular working space – so that the magician can then create sacred space, consecrations, and fill the space with energy of their own – for invoking Deities or angels or other works.

LBRP has 5 components/ stages:

1. Grounding & Reaching High to Deity.

2. Kabbalistic Cross.

3. Banishing Pentagrams & Circle.

4. Calling 4 Archangels at Quarters for Protection.

5. Kabbalistic Cross (again).

I’ve written detailed blogs and taught LBRP at courses. And finally, in this video I give a personal introduction, and give a demonstration on how to perform the LBRP. I’ve created graphics & short animations to help show you what to `visualise’. The video was filmed in a woods near my home in 2018.

11 minute video showing how to do LBRP – Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. (c) Mani Navasothy.

In a forthcoming video (LBRP video2), I will be giving full explanations of each of the sections of LBRP, as well as verbal guide (like a guided pathworking), so that you can play it and practise the LBRP your self. Look out for my LBR video-2 soon. For now I hope this video gives you all the basics you need to learn about LBRP. It really is a short piece of magical work, but profound, nevertheless.

Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

Esoteric Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest

(youtube upload on 15th May 2020, London UK)

A Serving Life: Wisdom of a Wiccan High Priest

A Serving Life: Wisdom of a Wiccan High Priest

Back in 2001, when I was an Elected Equal Opps officer in the Home Office Union, we had a period of internal committee wrangles.. lots of frosty faces, and many internal e-mails flying about. Accusations, counter-accusations. Justifications. Rights and wrongs. And on one side the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and about 10 others…and on the other side was just me, and my mentor/ Branch Secretary Peter R.

Peter would say to me, `Mani, we are here to serve the members. So just do your duty to them’ And it took so much effort for me to park my ego aside, ignore the taunts by other officers, and keep working only on members’ cases!

Funnily enough, about the same time, as a newly made Wiccan High Priest, and a coven-free wiccan, I ended up as a Guest at the late Maureen’s coven.. and was eventually made the Coven High Priest.

And I can tell you …it’s not easy being part of an existing coven of super-transpersonally trained Witches, let along being their coven HP. Once there was an internal `trial by fire’ period that lasted 3 weeks (every Friday).. where I was throwing my `authority’ about, and Maureen and the whole coven spent hours and hours talking and debating and discussing with me.. (Ritual kept getting postponed 3 weeks in a row). Each Friday we’d gather at 7pm and the talks went on till early hours…Exhausted we’d either sleep over or go home.. at 2..3..4..5am and next Friday gather again..and it would carry on. None of us ran away.. None of us disrespected one another..but they all stayed…to help me understand some fundamentals.. of how to become a Good coven leader! And its never about exerting authority or teaching the highs and lows of magic. It’s about serving!!

In the end I learnt a valuable wisdom.. that a Coven leader does sit on the tip of a pyramid.. not at the top like a boss stepping on Initiates below. But the inverted pyramid tip at the bottom.. holding the weight of the entire coven and all the members.. and serving them!!

I once tried to offer my 1-2-1 ritual help to a wiccan and was told that am being possibly divisive and power-over. Another time a wiccan wanted my sword, and then wanted me to fight her. When I backed off, I was told by Maureen that I had dishonoured the member.. and as HP, I needed to heed her wish and battle her so she can work through her own issues ..

Coven running is never easy. Looking after initiates and trainees is never straight forward. Each person and indeed each event/ situation is unique.

And we struggle.. we struggle on and on .. to do what I often say.. `the right thing’ !!

I pick just these mere 2 situations to make a simple but profound point. That Since those days..I have worked really very hard… to serve!! Be it Pagans who contact me or wiccan initiates or trainees. Along the way, I have had to make sacrifices.. it has even once cost me a relationship.

And here I am again.. with a number of Wiccan initiations in the horizon, juxtaposed against the well-being of my personal life, the interest of family, partner, other initiates and more.

It’s painful at times.. times when the timing of crisis is never good.. Times when we have to put aside our breaking hearts and taunted minds, and reach for inner truths guided by our gods…and do the `right thing’. Yes we all agreed at our initiation that “we are willing to suffer to learn” but sometimes.. it’s just a near impossible situation. No one else will understand.. and everyone will try to criticise you or pull in different directions and loyalty-battles.

Do you know what… ? I’ve had this for over 20 years in my role as High Priest. This is not the first time… and this won’t be the last time. And I marvel at the Elders of The Craft who have been doing it for 30.. 40.. 50.. 60 years.

In Wicca, at initiation, we gain 2 titles.. Witch & Priest / Priestess. At first it may seem like some cool titles.. that we can flash about for added credibility on social media or some TV interview. BUT those titles come with heavy responsibilities.. The first part (Witch) is a magical one.. The other – `Priest / Priestess’ is one of service! Serving our Gods & Goddesses, serving people.. and serving the land.! In the 2 decades of my time as High Priest, since those Maureen coven days, I’ve never ever forgotten that.. !

Bright Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest

London 30Aug’20

Retrograde Planets 2020 Dates

Hi all..  here is an infographics showing full details of the dates/ durations / signs of all the Retrograde Planetary motions  for 2020.  Note I’ve omitted January’20 when Uranus ended its previous retrograde.  But shown January 2021, when Uranus ends the upcoming retrograde motion.  Feel free to keep a copy of this graphics in your devise for quick reference.

RETROGRADE PLANETS 2020 DATES showing the year wheel, months, and arcs for each planet (Mercury to Pluto).  Right side of graphics shows data in written form.

Dates of Planetary Retrogrades 2020
Mani Navasothy

17th Feb (12’52 Pisces) – 28th March (28’13” Aquarius)
18th June (14’46” Cancer) – 12th July (5’30” Cancer)
14th October (11’39” Scorpio) – 4th November (25’57” Libra)

9th September (28’08” Aries) – 14th November (15’14” Aries)

13th May ( 21’50” Gemini) – 25th June (5’20” Gemini)

14th May (27’14” Capricorn) – 13th September (17’24” Capricorn)

11th May (1’57” Aquarius) – 29th September (25’20” Capricorn)

15th August’20 (10’41” Taurus) – 13th January 2021 (6’43” Taurus)

23rd June (20’58” Pisces) – 29th November (18’10” Pisces)

26th April (25’00” Capricorn) – 4th October (22’29” Capricorn)

Please give credit to me if using this in any of your shares/ works as I created this graphics manually using am art software.  All data obtained from Raphael’s Ephemeris.  Background (space) pictures from NASA site.

Stellar wishes.

-Mani Navasothy.

Mani Navasothy- Author,Teacher, Witch

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