The Thinking Dust

I have no blooming idea who I am.. artist, writer, magician, shaman, witch, Wiseman, trickster, director, producer..blah.. blah.. In the end.. I think I am Mani.. yay.. great conclusion to a long quest, right? Wrong! Even that is a name given to me by my parents (not even the first one.. they gave me another … Continue reading The Thinking Dust

Feelings & Magic

Feelings are like horses.. they will run wild and free in all directions.. IF you want the horse to take you somewhere, you have to put in the hard work of managing the horse.. train it, tame it, mount it and steer it.. Many people get clogged up by feelings and attempt to do magical … Continue reading Feelings & Magic

Path for the Inner-child ( we head into Darkness)

Forget the planet for a minute!Some of us..yes the real and me.. we face our own darkness, shadows and demons..every single day.Echoes of the dead, fears of the future, burdens of the past, failed promises, lost hopes, unfulfilled dreams and desires. Yes, those shadows.! Anger, pain, despair and depressions - that darkness!! Battles between … Continue reading Path for the Inner-child ( we head into Darkness)

Shadows & Thorns – what’s making you aggressive?

Are you getting aggressive in relationships? Social the company of certain people? Here are some thoughts..  that might help you.. (cos we all like someone else to say, `it's okay' to us sometimes) 🙂 Passion is one thing.. but when some people are eliciting certain aggressions in you ..more often than not.. there are possibly … Continue reading Shadows & Thorns – what’s making you aggressive?

The Womb-world goeth! (part1)

Will you take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?  Yes there are other pills too ..but these matter!!  What am I talking about?   If you remember the film The Matrix, you'll know what I am talking about!  In the early moments of their encounter, Morpheus was saying to Neo in The Matrix.. take one … Continue reading The Womb-world goeth! (part1)

O, to be a Man in modern times (Male Mysteries)

O, to be a Man in modern times: So Brad Pit talks about standing by his woman (Angelina) when she lost 30 pounds and went through a low of all time.. and Dustin Hoffman emotionally explains the interesting thing about being a woman in Tootsie ..(`That was never comedy for me'..*tears*) .. Do you think … Continue reading O, to be a Man in modern times (Male Mysteries)

Dealing with Kangaroo Courts in your Personal Relationships..!

Have you been tried in emotionally charged Kangaroo Courts?   When a bunch of people say they want to `clear the air', call you to a friendly meeting in their home-grounds, beware that shadow pack-mentality is already in play behind the scenes, and their subconscious minds are looking for ways to hammer you into some sort … Continue reading Dealing with Kangaroo Courts in your Personal Relationships..!

Psychology of Parties

We've all been to parties - school parties, house parties, hen-parties, stag-parties, office parties, fancy-dress parties, fetish ones, gothic ones, formal ones, open ones,  private ones,  weddings, clubs, even funerals ..launch parties for books & films and so on. What happens there is a complex mix of interactions between people - ones who organise, ones … Continue reading Psychology of Parties